11 Top-Notch Sales Certifications to Ramp Up Your Career as a Sales Executive

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There is a common proverb in sales: “Make a customer, not a sale.” That means for a salesperson it is important to build a strong consumer market by selling the products and meeting the goals proficiently. Adding more, out of many notoriously difficult professions, Sales is one of them, and it is a shared notion that “either you take a sale or drop it.” As the sales landscape is continuously evolving and consumer interest is shifting due to technological advancement – that’s what hyping up new sales practices and strategies.

Moreover, if your team is still facing difficulty harnessing the leads, now is the time to switch to new sales techniques and say goodbye to antiquated techniques. In the modern era, sales certifications are the way to ensure that you are prepped on the latest techniques and strategies. In this article, we’ve covered the best sales certifications that will play a pivotal role in establishing modern practices and bolstering your sales career.

8 Top-Notch Sales Certifications to Get You Noticed

If you want to take your sales career to new heights and want to get a lead in just one call, you must look out for top-notch sales certifications.

1. Certified Professional Sales Person - CPSP

The CPSP is one of the quickest and most proficient certifications in sales and is designed for any level of professional. The certification is a comprehensive six-week online course that provides you with effective strategies and behavioral training, aiding you in getting leads and success in the long term. You will get a wide array of valuable skills and techniques in this certification that will also teach you how to build a sales process and how to add the emotional and psychological needs in generating a lead.

Intended Audience 

CPSP is for:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales Executives
  • CEOs
  • Business Owners
  • Anyone looking for an advantage as they get into sales

Cost: $695

Vendor: National Association of Sales Professional

Best for: Learning the NASP Sales strategies and tactics

2. Certified Inside Sales Professional – CISP

Generating effective sales is easier in face-to-face interactions than in digital interactions. In today’s world, many buyers prefer digital interactions. The Certified Inside Sales Professional credential is the one that is designed to exhibit the competencies required to be an effective inside sales professional. To earn the CISP, you must complete three components: A Master Digital Selling Course or 32 hours of inside sales online or instructor-led training, a multiple-choice exam, and a skills demonstration.

Intended Audience

CISP is for:

  • Inside sales professionals
  • Intermediate salespeople 


  • $900 for AA-ISP Certification Only 
  • $2,100 for certification including Master Digital Selling course

Vendor: AA-ISP

Best for: Learning sales techniques as an inside professional and salesperson working in a remote setting

3. Certified Professional Sales Leader – CPSL

As a sales leader or executive, you cannot rely on simple certification. For growing your leadership skills and increasing your organization’s sales, CPSL comes into the market. The credential is intended to build and transform you into a top leader in sales by refining your skills. It will also assist you to learn modern leadership techniques whilst refraining from old-fashioned aggressive leadership techniques.

Intended Audience

CPSL is for:

  • Presidents and VPs of Sales 
  • Directors of Sales
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Professionals looking to move into a leadership role
  • Small Business Owners

Cost: $795

Vendor: National Association of Sales Professional

Best for: Sales executive and business owner seeking to increase organizational revenue and learning new tactics for sales leadership

4. Certified Sales Development Representative – CSDR

If you’re a sales representative, then pay attention. This certification is designed for you to establish processes and principles that are crucial for successful and effective sales conversations. Earning this certification requires an Initiate Value training course that will aid you in learning and instituting how to captivate leads and convert them into desired prospects. This training course will also help you secure the critical first call, generate prospects and build more pipelines.

Intended Audience 

  • Sales Representative 
  • Anyone who wants to pursue a career in sales


  • $450 – Certification only
  • $1,050 – Certification including Initiate Value Course

Vendor: AA-ISP

Best for: Learning and establishing the skill set required as a sales representative and generating leads 

5. SPIN Selling

If you’re working in sales, you must be familiar with the widely adapted sales technique – SPIN selling. As the name shows, this certification revolves around the spin-selling technique with some latest advancements. It is provided by Huthwaite International both online and in-person. The certification is the best choice if you want to improve sales success and deliver consistent results. The SPIN selling methodology is built around four key sales questions, all are important for completing the sales process.

  • Situation: questions about the customer’s current situation
  • Problem: questions about the customer’s difficulties or dissatisfactions
  • Implication: questions about the consequences or implications of the customer’s problems
  • Need-payoff: questions that explore the importance of the customer solving the problem

Intended Audience

  • Sales professionals and leaders 

Cost: Available on request

Vendor: Huthwaite International

Best for: International team training, B2B sales rep who wants to improve sales success and close more deals.

6. Certified Sales Executives – CSE

The Certified Sales Executive is considered a higher-level certification and it is allotted to the one who completes three modules targeted for a specified course and a final exam. The modules are leading as a salesperson, leading as a sales manager, and leading as a sales executive. This credential will aid you in learning all about managing the sales function of a business, as well as dealing with sales teams in terms of recruiting talent, fostering communication, and attaining the desired business goals. 

Intended Audience 

  • Sales executives and Leaders

Vendor: Sales and Marketing Executives International 

Cost: $150 for exam attempt exclusive of the course fee

Best for:  Companies owners and executives wish to increase knowledge in three modules to meet the desired business goals.

7. RISE Up Customer Service and Sales Certification

 When we’re talking about sales, we cannot overstate that retail is one of the predominant sales hubs. The NRF Foundation’s RISE Up intermediate course – Customer Service and Sales is best for anyone who is currently working in sales specifically in the retail industry. This accreditation will help you master customer service and sales skills including knowledge of the customer life cycle, building strategies to engage the audience, defining the customer needs, and closing a sale.

Intended Audience: 

  • The entry-level sales representative or anyone who wants to start a career in sales

Vendor: NFR Foundations 

Cost: $55

Best for: Customer service and sales representative working in retail and want to master customer service and sales.

8. Certified Master Sales Professional - CMSP

The Certified Master Sales Professional – CMSP is the higher level credential provided by NASP. This program is a comprehensive 14-month master certification designed to help salespeople and sales leaders quickly ramp up their abilities to successfully navigate and excel in sales and influence others. This 14-month master certification includes: Certified Professional Sales Person Certification, Certified Professional Sales Leader Certification, an Advanced Sales Influence Program, and 12 Months of Sales Mastery

Intended Audience:

CMSP is for:  

  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales Executives
  • CEOs
  • Business Owners
  • Anyone wanting to become a master sales professional or sales leader

Vendor: National Association of Sales Professional

Cost: $2995

Best for: Sales professionals and executives who want to master the art of sales by completing the 14-month course

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Other Noteworthy Sales Certifications

Apart from the above certifications, there are some other courses and vendor-specific certifications that are also in high demand.

  • Salesforce Administrator Certification: Salesforce is the leading CRM platform and companies are acquiring it at an unprecedented level due to its services. If you’re working in Salesforce, you must obtain this certification because it focuses on the technology side of sales operations. The Salesforce Administrator credential is designed for individuals who have experience with Salesforce and continuously look for ways to assist their companies in getting even more from additional features and capabilities.
  • Inbound Sales Certification: The inbound sales certification from HubSpot is intended for sales managers and small businesses who want to outreach buyers through an inbound strategy. After completing this free course, you will know how to target the right buyers, how inbound sales transform your approach to different buyers’ behavior, and how to drive effective conversations that guide prospects and lead to more deals.
  • LSE Negotiation Program: This program, directed by expert LSE industry leaders is a six-week interactive online certificate course that provides participants with a tool kit of proven negotiation strategies, techniques, and practical skills.

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How to Choose the Right Sales Certification?

When there are tons of certifications available in the market, making an informed decision might be difficult. However, fret not, with the below points, you can easily make your decision and select the right sales certification.

  • Consider the certification level: The certification you opt for must align with your existential knowledge. You cannot go for professional certification without having thorough information and knowledge. Moreover, if you have already taken courses, boot camps, and programs then you opt for the sales certifications depending on the knowledge you acquire from these programs.
  • Value of the certification: You cannot randomly pick any certification. Take a sales certification that is reputable, and well-known and increases your professional credibility.  A certification that is worldwide recognized is all that you need. 
  • Review the pricing: Some certifications that include courses are way too costly. Make sure that the course and certification are valuable. Also, check if the certification is falling in your budget. However, always choose the certification that is best for your career goals irrespective of being costly or cheapest. 
  • Upgrade skills and Career: The certification that doesn’t bring the best out of you is of no use. Make sure the sales certification you choose helps you get advanced knowledge and does not revolve around outdated sales practices.

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How Sales Certifications Will Benefit You?

Ramp-Up Sales Tactics: Now come to the part which you have been waiting eagerly for. How does a sales certification benefit you? Well, sales are a high-pressure job, but also very rewarding. Succeeding in sales boosts your confidence and also conveys the value of your product and services. Today’s modern sales sector demands cutting-edge sales techniques. Gone are the days when people used antiquated practices. The sales world is changing so are the sales practices and tactics. That’s where you need a sales certification that aids you to establish a strong career while implementing new methods and strategies and delving deep into human psychological needs.

Influence the recruitment process: If you think sales certification is merely an achievement badge then you’re wrong. It is a ticket to endless job opportunities. Likewise, it will impact the employers and serve as proof that you have the latest sales methodologies that will aid you in generating and closing sales deals and increasing the organization’s value. Moreover, according to 58% of sales leaders, the best sales knowledge can be obtained through certifications and training.

Foster Career Growth with a Noticeable Salary: Sales certification will bolster your career to new heights and also offer increased chances of promotion. One research dictates that 50% of graduates with sales certification have faster career growth compared to non-certified graduates. 

In addition, having a sales certification on your resume increases the salary significantly. According to the PayScale data, the average salary you can get after acquiring a sales certification ranges from $61k- 113k. The salary is subject to change on several factors such as certification type, previous experience, location, and company size.

Bottom Line

Sales are predominately one of the high pressures but at the same time also rewarding. Businesses are reliant on people who know the latest sales techniques and methodologies. In sales, how you sell matters, what your process matters, but what your customer feels when they engage with you matters the most. No one can teach you this but having practical experience and sales certifications can help you understand everything that is required in closing a sales deal while also intact customer attention.

So, whether you’re finding new lead-generation techniques or looking to upgrade your cold email strategy, sales certifications are the way to go. Buckle up yourself and be ready to upgrade your career with the top sales certifications now!


The price of each sale certification is different. The cost can vary on several factors such as exam cost, training cost, and prep material cost. Some certifications usually offer courses and exam attempts at a single cost. These certifications tend to get costly. Moreover, we have mentioned the basic exam cost at the end of every sales certification. However, in case you’re looking for the cheapest exam material, go nowhere and choose Edurely exam dumps.

Getting a job in sales is not a piece of cake but with sales certification it probably is. Sales certification definitely lands you a job and also opens doors for various opportunities. If you want to get your foot into a room full of opportunities, you must have one of the top-notch certifications.

The purpose behind obtaining a sales certification is upgrading of skills regarding advanced sales methodologies. If you take one of the sales certifications at the beginning of your career, it will help you to take your career to the next level and also get top-notch job roles such as sales leader and executive.

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