What’s new in the AWS DVA-C02 Certified Developer- Associate Certification Exam- 2024

AWS Certified Developer- Associate level certification is the best way to boost your career for developer roles. AWS DVA- C02 is the updated version of DVA-C01. This certification will validate your expertise in debugging, deploying, testing, and developing AWS cloud-based applications. Let’s find out what’s in the new AWS DVA-C02 exam.
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What is AWS DVA-C02 Exam?

This certification demonstrates knowledge and comprehension of essential AWS services and uses, as well as basic AWS architecture best practices and competency in designing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications utilizing AWS.

Historical Background of AWS Associate Developer Certification

AWS Certified developer certifications have been in demand since they were introduced. The developer finds AWS developer certification worthwhile and keenly earns these certifications. The AWS certification exams are refreshed and updated on an ongoing basis. The first version of the AWS associate certification exam was DVA-C00. It was retired in 2020. The next and updated version was launched in 2020 with the exam code DVA-C01. It includes 5 domains and some latest features and services. DVA- C01 is also set to change on February 28, 2023, with the DVA-C02. The current exam will be available until February 27, 2023.

When will you start registering for DVA-C02?

The new exam DVA-C02 will be available for registration on January 31, 2023, and you can take this new exam from 28 February 2023. The last day to take the DVA-C01 exam is 27 February 2023.

What is the difference between DVA-C01 and DVA-C02?

  • The AWS DVA-C02 is the updated version of DVA-C01. The updated DVA-C02 exam guide includes some of the most recent services as well as newer features within current services that were not covered on the DVA-C01 exam, such as Amazon MemoryDB for Redis and AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority.
  • AWS WAF is now listed as an “In-scope AWS service and feature” that may be covered on the DVA-C02 exam- it was previously listed as an “Out-of-scope AWS service and feature” for the DVA-C01 exam.
  •  Additionally, the five domains included in the DVA-C01 exam topic outline have been reduced to four domains covered by the DVA-C02 exam.

Updated Curriculum of DVA-C02 Exam



Domain 1: Development with AWS Services


Domain 2: Security


Domain 3: Deployment


Domain 4: Troubleshooting and Optimization


Note: Refer to AWS DVA-C02 exam domains for  the exam 

What skills this exam will test?

The exam also confirms a candidate’s competence to do the following tasks:

  • Create and optimize apps on AWS 
  • Package and deploy applications utilizing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows
  • Protect application code and data 
  • Identify and address application issues

Intended Audience for the AWS DVA-C02 Exam

The exam is intended for candidates who can perform the developer role.

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Prerequisites and Recommended Knowledge for the DVA-C02 Exam

Candidates should have 1 year or more of hands-on experience developing and managing apps using AWS services.

Recommended IT Knowledge

The candidate should have the following IT knowledge:

  • Strong Understanding of at least one high-level programming language 
  • Strong Understanding of at least one high-level programming language 
  • Basic understanding of cloud-native applications to create code
  • Ability to develop functional applications 
  • Experience with development tools

Recommended AWS Knowledge

  • Create and secure apps using AWS service APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs
  • Deploy applications on AWS using a CI/CD pipeline

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Important Details about AWS DVA-C02 Exam

Exam Format

Multiple-choice and multiple-response questions



Exam Duration

130 minutes

No of Questions



150 USD

Passing Criteria

720 points- scales score from 100-1000

Active Status

3 years

Delivery Method

Pearson VUE or Online Proctored Exam

PRACTICE NOW: DVA-C02 Sample Exam Questions


The AWS Certified DevOps- Associate certification demonstrates knowledge and comprehension of essential AWS services and uses, as well as basic AWS architecture best practices and competency in designing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications utilizing AWS.

Yes- in a single word. AWS certification considerably increases the amount of money or rate you demand. According to research, 56% of AWS workers experienced a pay boost of 25% or more after passing their certification. Moreover, this certification will build a strong resume and get you higher job positions.

You can work in Amazon Web Service without prior experience if you hold this certificate. You can begin with entry-level positions. This certification can be a stepping stone for your DevOps career.

In the United States, the average annual salary for an AWS Developer is $131,898. The majority of AWS Developer salaries in the United States presently vary from $112,000 to $151,500, with top earners earning $169,000 per year.

AWS Developer salaries in India range from 3.2 Lakhs to 14.1 Lakhs per year, with an average annual salary of 5.6 Lakhs. 

Both certificates imply a strong emphasis on abilities for developing, deploying, and managing cloud-based applications. The difficulty level of both certifications depends on your study, understanding, and experience. However, generally speaking, we can say that the AWS Developer certification is more difficult to obtain than the AWS Solution Architect certification.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate is a good place to start on the AWS Certification path if you have 1 year of working experience as a developer. The certification will help you achieve further professional and specialty DevOps certifications.

An entry-level Amazon Web Services specialist earns between $70,000 and $90,000 per year. A senior AWS expert can expect to make between $135,000 and $166,000 per year. 

Because the AWS CLI is accessed through boto, you should be familiar with Python. Knowledge of shell programming would be advantageous. These are the fundamental programming languages that everybody utilizing AWS is expected to understand.

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