Cracking the Benefits of CGEIT Certification: Exam Cost, Salary Trend, and Job Opportunities in 2024

IT governance is essential for any company and we can’t overlook its importance. The fundamental objective of it is to ensure that the IT infrastructure is best suited to effectively support business goals. ISACA offers the Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT), vendor-neutral certification. It is intended for IT professionals in large organizations who are in charge of coordinating, managing, and supporting IT governance. To effectively manage and support company IT governance, there is always a need for skilled professionals. Due to rising demand, the CGEIT certification is highly valued and will continue to be so in the coming years.

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What is CGEIT Certification?

The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certification is framework agnostic and the individual’s only IT governance credential. CGEIT validates your enterprise IT governance, resources, benefits, and risk management knowledge. Whether you are looking for a new job or want to advance within your existing company, this certification is best to validate your IT governance skills and knowledge. 

CGEIT Certification Process- How to Get and Maintain the Certification?

Meeting eligibility requirements, passing the exam, retaining the certification through continued education, and renewing the certification every three years are all part of the CGEIT certification process.

Eligibility: A candidate must have a minimum of five years of experience in enterprise IT governance, including administering, advising, and/or supporting IT governance frameworks and procedures, to be eligible for the CGEIT certification.

Application: After meeting the eligibility conditions, the candidate must apply to ISACA and pay the application cost. The application requests information on the candidate’s education, employment experience, and professional references.

Exam: Upon the approval of the application, the candidate must pass the CGEIT exam. You have to pay the exam cost before appearing in the exam. The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions and you’ll have 4 hours to complete the exam. 

Continuing Education: After passing the exam and receiving the CGEIT certification, the candidate must maintain their certification by completing 120 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) over three years. CPE hours must be related to IT governance, risk management, or other topics.

Renewal: CGEIT certifications must be renewed every three years. The candidate must pay the renewal cost and verify that they have satisfied the CPE requirements to renew their certification.

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Unlocking the Benefits of CGEIT Certification in 2023: Exam Fees, Salary Trends, and In-Demand Jobs

Exam Cost of CGEIT Certification

The cost of CGEIT differs for members and non-members. As of 2023, the exam fees are as follows:

  • Non-Member Exam Fee: USD 760
  • Member Exam Fee: USD 575
  • Retake Exam Fee: USD 415 (for members and non-members)

Moreover, to cut the exam cost, becoming a member of ISACA is recommended.

Salary Potential for CGEIT Certified

Certification does increase the salary potential and it also depends on the demand and popularity it holds. CGEIT is one of the top certifications in IT governance, compliance, and risk and the salary someone gets after getting CGEIT certified will also be competitive. Yet, your wage is determined by a variety of factors such as previous job experience, the organization in which you work, and your skills. According to PayScale, the average pay of CGEIT experts is USD 133,256, making it one of the most profitable IT credentials. 

CGEIT Certification Enhance your Earning Potential- How?

Whether you want to advance your career or start one, CGET certification can undoubtedly benefit you in both circumstances. If you earn this certification, it will be proof that you have cutting-edge skills. Employers also hired and looked for one with profound expertise in the IT governance field. Moreover, you can also negotiate your salary because you have earned the skills required to bridge the gap in the compliance and risk industry. The CGEIT-certified one earns 25% more than the non-certified one. According to recent stats, 70% of professionals receive a pay boost with CGEIT certification. So, getting this certification will advance your earning potential to the next level.

CGEIT Certification Job Roles

IT governance is a need of every organization and industry. The CGEIT certification validates the expertise of professionals in IT governance, compliance, and risk optimizations. Here are some industries and job roles that may necessitate CGEIT certification:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Consulting 
  • IT Audit 
  • Government

Job Roles with Average Salary

Overall, there are several job opportunities, you can get by achieving this certification. The majority of professionals get better and more lucrative jobs after obtaining this certification. Job roles that may require CGEIT certification include:

  • IT Governance Manager- $116,586
  • IT Director – $133,925
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) – $161,000
  • IT Risk Manager – $138,672
  • IT Auditor – $98,000
  • Security Manager – 122,000
  • Compliance Manager – 89,000
  • Business Continuity Manager – 130,209
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO) – 93,026

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Final Remarks

The CGEIT certification is an important qualification for professionals involved in IT governance management, consulting, or assurance. CGEIT-certified workers can expect to earn between $93,000 and $161,000 per year, depending on their expertise, location, and industry. The accreditation also provides doors to several job roles. Given the growing demand for skilled IT governance experts in today’s digital age, getting a CGEIT certification may be a good choice for people looking to improve their careers in the sector. CGEIT, with its wide range of areas and global recognition, may assist individuals in gaining a competitive advantage in the job market and increasing their credibility in industries and organizations.


Definitely! CGEIT is one of the top certifications in IT governance. Earning this certification will surely give you a competitive edge in the IT governance field for career progression and future endeavors. Also, this certification will enhance career opportunities and add more benefits to your existing job. Moreover, you cannot ignore the importance of IT governance in every industry, so there is always a need for professionals in this field.

The CGEIT is one of the top certifications and passing this exam is also not an easy task. Whether you have some knowledge in this field or starting from scratch, you need consistent and dedicated efforts. However, professionals with some knowledge take less time to prepare than beginners. Which study resources and material, you’re opting for also defined the difficulty of the exam. Edurely CGEIT dumps will make your preparation easy and better. So, if you want to earn this certification with less difficulty, purchase dumps from Edurely. 

The Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certification is framework agnostic and the individual’s only IT governance certification.

If you are an ISACA member, the fee is $575; if you are not a member, the fee is $760.

You can prepare for CGEIT certification from many online study resources. The best way to study for the CGEIT certification is to do self-study. ISACA provides training and self-study resources to brush up on the CGEIT domains. Also, make sure you’re giving the full effort and study hours. For this make an appropriate timetable. To ensure your exam preparation, it is recommended to practice CGEIT exact exam questions from Edurely. These are created to confirm your knowledge and understanding of the concepts.

The CGEIT exam consists of 150 questions covering four job practice domains, all of which test your knowledge and ability.

There are several ISACA credentials available, but the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is the easiest. It also holds many benefits and is regarded as one of the best certifications.

The exam domains included in the CGEIT certification are:

  • Domain 1: Governance of Enterprise IT (40%)
  • Domain 2: IT Resources (15%)
  • Domain 3: Benefits Realization (26%)
  • Domain 4: Risk Optimization (19%)

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