CCISO vs CISSP: A pathway to a successful career in the Cybersecurity industry

cciso vs cissp

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Are you looking for career advancement in the field of cybersecurity? Well, certifications can be a great way to achieve that. However, there are an array of cybersecurity certifications offered today. If you have some prior experience in the field, you might have heard about CCISO or CISSP. However, the burning question remains: which one to choose?

In this blog, we will share a detailed comparison between CCISO and CISSP certification, their possible outcomes, costs, salaries, and industry benefits.

Main Differences between CCISO and CISSP Certifications:

The Chief Certified Information Security Officer (CCISO) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification are both game changers in the security industry. They follow ANSI standards and have an impactful effect in making the IT industry a stable security and risk-free culture. 

Almost eight certifications are introduced by the ISC2 website, which helps professionals decide which one is perfect to start a career. ISC2 is not alone in this competition, EC-council also facilitates its best services in upgrading security and technical skills among professionals.

Once a professional has one of them, they will have a more demanding and promising future in the IT industry than their co-workers. 

Although both have their significance in the market and offer different paths in the security domain, they are still quite different. So without wasting any time, let’s take a more detailed look at their differences:

Overview of CCISO Exam

The CCISO is specially designed by the EC Council for those who have extensive experience in information security. Most of the team experts of the council collaborate to design diverse programs for transferring industry expertise to new beginners. 

This certification offers practical application of security management policies. The practitioners can design exceptional procedures and direct technical expertise to protect the organization’s interest and ensure security parameters.

Overview of CISSP Exam:

The CISSP credential is offered by ISC2 and is specifically designed to target experienced IT experts who want to exhibit their upgraded knowledge and expertise regarding cybersecurity. This certification ensures a strong grip on a diverse range of domains, including asset security, risk management, software development, and more. The professionals who opt for this certification aim to develop and access overall organizational security postures.

Exam Outline for CISSP vs CCISO:

Exam Name
Delivery Method
CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing)
CBT (Computer Based Testing)
Japanese, French, Korean, Spanish-Modern, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese
Time Required for exam
3 hours
6 hours
100-150 MCQ
250 MCQ
Passing Marks
700 marks from 1000
Testing Center
Pearson VUE Testing Center
Certificate Provider
Exam Name
Delivery Method
ECC Exam Portal
Time Required for exam
2.5 hours
No of Questions
150 MCQ
Passing Marks
Testing Center
Pearson VUE Testing Center
Certificate Provider

Major Domains

In CISSP Certification

The following main domains are explained in CISSP certification:

Main Domain
Security & Risk Management
Asset Security
Security Architecture & Engineering
Communication & Network Security
Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Security Assessment & Testing
Security Operations
Software Development Security

In CCISO Certification:

The major domains covered in CCISO certification are given below:

Main Domain
Governance, Risk, & Compliance
Information Security Controls and Audit Management
Security Program Management & Operations
Information Security Core Competencies
Strategic Planning, Finance, Procurement, and Third-Party Management

Target Audience for CISSP or CCISO

Following is the target audience for CISSP and CCISO certifications who have strong prior experience and expertise in the security field: 

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification
Chief Certified Information Security Officer (CCISO) Certification
Professional having more than five years in the information security department
Professionals should have five-plus years of experience in the IT security department.
Ensure proper implementation of updated security practices and principles.
Resolve the arising information security threats and develop effective strategies.
Some list of targeted positions are Chief Information Security Officer, Director of Security, IT Manager, Security Analyst & Manager, and Network Architect
Some lists of targeted positions are Network engineer and senior positions for IT professionals serving in security management or persons who know how CISO operates.

Prerequisites for enrolling CCISO or CISSP Credentials:


Some of the key requirements are mentioned below for CCISO exams:

  • Practitioners should have five years of experience in three specific domains.
  • If they do not have any experience then they should have at least two years of experience in one domain.
  • Should have a graduate degree in information security.


Below are the prerequisites for enrolling CISSP exam:

  • Should have 5+ years of experience in two domains mentioned in the CISSP outline.
  • One should have one year of experience with a graduation degree or equivalent degree.
  • If someone does not fulfill the above two requirements then he can qualify for the exam just by becoming an associate member of ISC2.
  • After attaining this certification, you need 5 years of experience.

Cost of CISSP and CCISO

Major Potential Outcomes for CISSP vs CCISO Certification:

For CISSP Exam

The following are the possible benefits, a professional can offer to an organization:

  • Offer assistance in protecting important data to prevent business culture.
  • One can increase his cybersecurity IQ to execute advanced levels of security practices across organizations.
  • Ensure the accuracy of the organization in front of clients and stakeholders.
  • Able to complete and satisfy requirements of outsourcers and suppliers.
  • Deploy advanced technologies to troubleshoot existing security issues.

For CISSP Exam

The following are the potential benefits that a certifier will deliver:

  • This certification offers real-time experience to professionals so that they can perform duties as senior executives in information security.
  • Upgrades technical and management expertise and increases chances of promotion to their other colleagues.

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Salary expectation for CISSP or CCISO Certification

According to ZipRecruiter, the average basic salary for CISSP Certification is $112,302 which could be increased by $147,500. 

The average annual salary for CCISO Certification is $52,185 which could be increased up to $77,000.

Payscale for CISSP & CCISO certification according to Location:

Moreover, the following are the pay scales offered by different locations:

For CISSP Certification

CityAnnual Salary
Berkeley, CA$69,744
San Mateo, CA$63,830
Daly City, CA$66,005
Richmond, CA$63,161
Bellevue, WA$62,220

For CCISO Certification

CityAnnual Salary
Berkeley, CA$69,744
San Mateo, CA$63,830
Daly City, CA$66,005
Richmond, CA$63,161
Bellevue, WA$62,220


To conclude this all, if you want to start your career in security management, you can either choose a CISSP or CCISO certificate. Both credentials are best and offer you suitable earning prospects. Selecting one of them depends upon your requirements. The difference between them in the shape of exam domain, syllabus outline, cost, potential benefits, and salary demanded in the market can help you decide which one is suitable for professional growth. The CISSP exam highlights technical expertise for performing management roles, while CCISO is for senior management who want to acquire strategic and leadership roles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Both CCISO and CISSP certification increases the chances of career opportunities in security management. The Chief Certified Information Security Officer (CCISO) credential helps you increase technical proficiency to perform managerial roles. Whereas the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certificate is for senior professionals who want to start their career as a leader.

The cost for attaining CCISO and CISSP certificates is $749 and $999.

Anyone who holds a minimum graduation degree in information technology can pursue preparation for a CCISO credential.

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