7 Little Things You Can Do to Improve your CCNP Enterprise Exam Preparation

Cisco is a well-reputed organization that offers many certifications from associate to specialized level. Cisco Certified Network Professional Enterprise is one of the most demanding and recognized certifications globally. The CCNP Enterprise certification is a great way to provide proof that you have the skills to be in senior-level positions. The ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot Cisco networking products directly impacts your career.  Earning this certification is not easy and requires some prerequisites.
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A Deep Dive into the CCNP Enterprise Exam

Why it is important to do CCNP Enterprise Certification?

CCNP Enterprise exam validates high-level skills to manage prime networks. It also validates professionals to configure, troubleshoot, scale, and maintain companies’ networks to meet new growing demands. The CCNP Enterprise certification ensures candidates delve and in-depth knowledge of enterprise networking technologies.

How you can earn CCNP Enterprise certification?

The CCNP Enterprise certification consists of two exams. To obtain your certification, you must pass both exams. The ENCOR exam will demonstrate your understanding of enterprise infrastructure, virtualization, assurance, security, and automation, and on a concentration exam of your choosing, demonstrate your specialist abilities.

ENCOR vs Concentration Exam- What is the difference?


Concentration Exam

The ENCOR 350-401 exam accesses your core networking knowledge and it is the first step for earning CCNP Enterprise certification.

The concertation exam is the second step and accesses your specialist abilities in your choice of area.  

Core level- You have to pass this to go for the concentration exam.

There are six areas in which you can do your concentration exams i.e. ENARSI, ENSDWI, ENSLD, ENWLSD, ENWLSI, and ENAUTO.

Exam time: 120 minutes

Exam time: 120 minutes

Exam Cost: $400

Exam Cost: $300

Languages: English & Japanese

Language: English & Japanese 

Exam Domains:

  • Architecture- 15%
  • Security- 20%
  • Automation- 15%
  • Infrastructure- 30%
  • Network Assurance- 10%
  • Virtualization- 10%

Refer to ENCOR 350-401 exam domains for complete exam objectives

Exam domains: Each area has its exam domains- refer to CCNP enterprise concentration exam domains.

CCNP Enterprise Certification Prerequisites

  • There are no such prerequisites. Every IT professional can do this certification
  • You have to pass the 350-401 and concentration exam, to earn your CCNP enterprise certification.
  • Candidates with three to five years of expertise implementing enterprise network systems are frequently preferred.

Recertification and Validity Period

  • All Cisco certifications are valid for three years. 

To recertify, you have to pass any one professional concentration exam and receive 40 continuing education credits or 80 CE credits. For further details, refer to Cisco Recertification policy.

Possible Job Roles and Salary of CCNP Enterprise Certified

CCNP Enterprise certified has multiple job positions. Some of the job roles and the salary range are given below, according to the payscale.

Intended Job Roles

Salary Range

Network Administrator

$50k- 99k

Systems Engineer

$49k- 120k

Network Support Technician


Mid-level Network Engineer


Want to be CCNP Enterprise Certified? Prime Benefits & Worth

People always look for the worth of the certification before doing it. It is vital to know the worth and scope of certain certifications before stepping into them. Is CCNP Enterprise certification worth it? The answer to this is- a big yes! The CCNP Enterprise is worth your all efforts, hard work, time, and cost. Here are the few prime benefits and worth of CCNP Enterprise certification:

Provide Several Career Routes to Stable Employment

CCNP Enterprise certification doesn’t limit to a certain field. It provides you with many areas in the networking domain in which you can specialize. Cisco created the CCNP with six concentration areas to meet any networking professional goals. The CCNP Enterprise certification is a way to advance and stable employment.

Certified Professional Expertise and Skills

This certification validates skills and knowledge that are high-level and build professional expertise. Through this certification, you can manage the diverse and largest networks and maintain the organization’s demands. Moreover, the top-notch skills are proof that you can get senior-level jobs

Gives you High Credibility among Employers and Peers

Getting this certification is no less than a great achievement because many individuals couldn’t able to do this. This certification is proof that you have worked hard and given your 100% to learn advanced skills and headway toward your career. Also, it will give you high credibility and recognition among employers and colleagues.

Increase your Earning Potential

CCNP Enterprise is one of the highest-paying certifications worldwide. The certification will help you to command the highest pay. You can go for various job roles in networking with a handsome salary with CCNP enterprise certification. The salary range depends upon the experience and job role you are on. The average salary goes up to $106k, according to ZipRecruiter.

7 Little Ways to Prepare for CCNP ENCOR Certification Exam

Here are the 7 pro tips from which you can pass the CCNP ENCOR exam:

ENCOR Course Overview

The implementing and operating Cisco Enterprises Core Network Technologies course will validate your skills in managing, troubleshooting, and configuring enterprise wireless and wired networks.

Enterprise Certification Community Forum

You can get preparatory materials and professional comments from experts and other members of the ENCOR Certifications community. You can also ask questions and exam preparation advice from the forum members.

Expert Prep Content Program

The Cisco expert prep program provides study material for the expert tracks. The program provides deep-dive knowledge and everything you want to cover for the expert track.

ENCOR Study Materials

It is intended to help you begin preparing for the ENCOR test. The ENCOR study material includes supplement knowledge and domains that you should cover in preparation for the exam.

ENCOR Preparation Bundle

This premium ENCOR e-learning and exam bundle will help you prepare for the ENCOR 350-401 exam. Passing 350-401 is the first step in earning expert-level certification.

Edurely Prep Material

Edurely prep material provides 350-401 pdf dumps and real exam questions that are valid, up-to-date, and reliable. From this platform, you can clear the ENCOR 350-401 exam on the first attempt.

It’s a Wrap

CCNP Enterprise is a top-notch and well-recognized certification. This certification proves to be lucrative and demanding in the networking domains and validates professional skills in enterprise networking technologies. So, the key takeaway of this article is to go for CCNP Enterprise Certification without a doubt and make your job stable and well-paid.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ's

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Enterprise certification is intended for senior-level positions in Enterprise Networking. This certification validates professional skills in managing, troubleshooting, and configuring large enterprise networks.

You must pass two examinations to get the CCNP Enterprise.  First core exam and second an enterprise concentration exam of your choice. The core exam tests your understanding of enterprise infrastructures, such as dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, virtualization, infrastructure, network assurance, security, and automation while the concentration exam tests your specialist abilities.

The CCNP ENCOR exam cost $400 and the cost of each concentration exam is $300 plus applicable taxes.

In a nutshell, earning a CCNP Enterprise is worthwhile. The CCNP Enterprise certification is one of the most popular and recognized credentials in the IT business in general, and especially in the networking space. Moreover, this certification is very lucrative in the networking domain.

According to PayScale, the average income for a CCNP-certified network administrator is $59,762, but it starts at $49,485 and rises to $70,644 with experience. Salaries vary widely depending on the job position. The CCNP-qualified network engineer earns $74,191 on average.

There are no such requirements for the CCNP. The CCNA is not required before taking the CCNP exam. Passing the core exam (350-401) for a CCNP track qualifies you to take the CCNP and CCIE Enterprise Certification tests.

Cisco’s CCNP is a professional certification. Over three years of experience in IT networking is required, as well as skills in troubleshooting, analytics, routing and switching, networking technologies, communication, and problem-solving.

The majority of exam candidates find the CCNP exam difficult. This is because the CCNP exam covers a wider range of topics. Furthermore, the CCNP exam tests in-depth knowledge but with the right preparation and hard work, you can pass the CCNP exam.

Absolutely Yes. People who hold this qualification have a valuable set of skills that are necessary for large corporate jobs. You can get job roles of network engineer, systems engineer, support engineer, and network technician.

 CCNP certification is valid for three years from the date of issue. You must meet the recertification criteria to recertify before your certificate expires.

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