A Comprehensive Study Guide to Become Cisco Certified Technician in your Area of Interest

When it comes to starting or initiating a career in IT, certifications will add so much value to it. Getting a technical certification is a serious investment with so many options available. One of the best entry-level certifications is Cisco Certified Technician CCT provided by Cisco. Cisco provides CCT certifications in three different domains- Data Center, Collaboration, Routing and Switching. In this blog, we will give you a complete study guide for Cisco Certified Technician Certifications. But, before we get started, keep in mind that no matter which path you take, you must first examine your goals.
Cisco Certified Technician CCT TECHNICIAN

This blog covers:

Overview of the Cisco Certified Technician

  • Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) certifications are entry-level Cisco Systems certifications that confirm a user’s knowledge and skills in troubleshooting, repairing, and configuring Cisco networking devices.
  • CCT certification is divided into three levels or domains: CCT Routing and Switching, CCT Collaboration and CCT Data Center. 
  • To acquire the CCT certification in their selected area of specialization, candidates must pass a single exam. 
  • These certificates provide a foundation for anyone interested in pursuing a career in networking and are required for more advanced Cisco certifications.

Which CCT Certification is best suited for you? Find Out Next!

As you know, CCT comes in three domains. You should choose the CCT certification that aligns with your career goals and the job responsibilities you are sharing. Let’s discuss the CCT Certified Technician Certification one by one.

CCT Data Center

The Cisco Certified Technician Data Center (CCT Data Center) certification focuses on the onsite support and repair of Cisco Unified Computing Systems and servers. If you want to pursue your career in a Data Center, this certification is best for you.

Role of the CCT Data Center

Technicians in this field must be able to recognize Cisco Unified Computing System components and servers, accessories, cabling, and interfaces; grasp the Cisco UCS and NX-OS operating modes and software; and connect and service product components using the Cisco Graphical User Interface.

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CCT Collaboration

The Cisco Certified Technician Collaboration (CCT Collaboration) certification validates skills needed for the onsite support and repair of Cisco collaboration endpoints and operating environments.

Role of CCT Collaboration

Candidates in this field can identify Cisco collaboration endpoint models, accessories, cabling, and interfaces; grasp Cisco collaboration software and identify commonly found software; and connect and service products using the Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI).

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CCT Routing and Switching

The Cisco Certified Technician Routing and Switching (CCT Routing and Switching) certification focus on onsite support and maintenance of Cisco routers, switches, and operating environments. CCT Routing and Switching certification is widely regarded as the strongest foundation for supporting other Cisco devices and systems.

Role of CCT Routing and Switching

Candidates in this field must be able to recognize Cisco router and switch models, accessories, cabling, and interfaces; comprehend the Cisco IOS Software operating modes and identify commonly found software; and connect and service products using the Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI).

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Some Important Details about CCT Exams

Before appearing in any of the CCT certifications, you should know the exam format and details.

Exam Details CCT Routing and Switching CCT Collaboration CCT Data Center
Required Exam 010-151 DCTECH 100-890 CLTECH 100-490 RSTECH
Exam Format 60-70 questions 60-70 questions 60-70 questions
Time Limit 90 minutes 90 minutes 90 minutes
Exam Cost $125 plus tax $125 plus tax $125 plus tax

Prerequisites: There are no official prerequisites for obtaining these certificates, however, you should be familiar with the exam topics before taking any of them.

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Is CCT Worth Pursuing as a Career?

CCT certifications are one of the top entry-level certifications. It can be a valuable addition to a professional’s resume and may lead to career prospects in the networking area. However, whether or not the CCT certification is worthwhile as a career relies on several criteria, including an individual’s career aspirations, current job market demand, and personal preferences. Before making a selection, it is essential that you examine the certification, its prerequisites, and the job prospects offered in your area.

Market Demand for CCT Certifications

Because Cisco is a well-established and frequently used networking technology, market demand for Cisco Certified Technicians is typically believed to be substantial. Furthermore, as technology advances, the demand for Cisco Certified Technicians is expected to rise.

Related Jobs Roles of CCT Certifications

  • Field Engineer 
  • Network Engineer
  • Application Engineer 
  • Support Engineer
  • Systems Administrator

CCT Certifications Salary

  • The average salary of the Cisco Certified Technician is $90,932. It may go up to $170,000 depending upon the job role and responsibility and previous experience.

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Complete Path to CCT Certifications Exam Preparation

To acquire CCT Certifications, you must have to pass the required exam for each certification. But now the main question is how to pass these exams or which preparatory material to use to study for these exams. Following these steps will eventually lead you to pass the CCT certification exam.

Step 1: Review the Exam Contents

Before preparing for any CCT certification exams, you should be familiar with exam objectives, exam format, and updated exam details. Make sure to review the updated and latest exam study guide. Also, review the exam objectives thoroughly and their weightage and prepare according to them.

Step 2: Choose Reliable Preparation Resources

After reviewing the exam content, the next step is choosing reliable and authentic prep resources for studying the exam objectives.  You can choose Cisco e-learning and various prep resources for self-studying.

Cisco E-Learning

The Cisco Learning Network Store provides self-paced online courses and exam preparation tools. The Cisco e-learning courses will build your complete knowledge in exam domains of the required exam. 

Supporting Cisco Collaboration System Devices (CLTECH) v1.0

Supporting Cisco Data Center System Devices (DCTECH) v3.0

Supporting Cisco Routing and Switching Network Devices v3.0

Edurely Exam Material

With reliable and accurate exact exam questions, you can ace your exam preparation which will help you to pass the CCT certification exam.

Step 3: Practice Tests

Despite which resource you’re using for exam preparation, the practice test will prepare you completely for the exam and ensure your readiness level. The practice tests are the best way to ensure your preparedness and to understand what will come in the actual exam.

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Final Thoughts

Cisco Certified Technician Certifications are the most popular and advanced entry-level certifications as compared to many others. These certifications are globally recognized and proved to be very beneficial in terms of career growth and salary. You can choose CCT certification according to your job roles and your area of interest.


CCT is the entry-level certification that confirms a candidate’s knowledge and skills in troubleshooting, repairing, and configuring Cisco networking devices while CCNA confirms your ability to manage and optimize today’s most complex networks. Both certifications are best in the respective domains and which certifications you want to get solely depends on your job responsibilities and area of interest.

The CCT certification exam is considered to be difficult and requires a lot of preparation. This content-driven and hard exam needs plenty of time to prepare. The difficulty level is also influenced by many other factors such as previous understanding of exam domains and experience. If you’re new to the field it might take time as compared to one with some experience. But with Edurely exam material you can prepare for the CCT exam extensively and in less time.

You will need 6 months to study for these entry-level certifications. All Cisco entry-level certifications typically need 6 months of study, however, this depends on your preparation and prior experience. If you have prior experience as a networking technician, preparing for this certification will take less than 3-4 months.

The annual salary for a Cisco Systems Data Center Technician in the United States is roughly $125,451 which is ten times higher than the national salary.

The cost of all Cisco entry-level certifications including CCT is $125 plus available taxes.

There is no defined score or passing criteria according to Cisco. Although the exact amount of points needed to pass is not specified, it is usually between 800-850.

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