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Customer Success is an essential approach for every SaaS, B2B and all companies over the globe. It is the key to maintaining and building strong customer relationships. Many companies are opting for a CS approach to meet their customer’s goals and to grow their business. However, how do you start to excel in customer success? Getting customer success certification will help you achieve this goal. But first, let’s discuss why it is important to have customer success manager certification and how you can earn top Cisco customer success manager certification
Cisco Customer Success Manager certification 820-605 CSM certification

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Why is having a Customer Success Manager Certification is a driving need?

Customer success can be defined as a strategy used by businesses to try to foresee potential problems that a client might encounter and seek to find a solution before a problem happens. The ultimate objective is to give great customer service and a satisfying customer experience that can aid in customer success. To meet the customer’s goals with the best experience and to implement innovative customer success skills, it is important to earn customer success certifications. The Cisco customer success manager certification will help customer success managers in many ways.

Fill the Rising Skill Gap

As customer success is growing at an exceptional rate and almost every company is relying on it, there is still a skill gap. Companies are searching for customer success managers who can deliver what the company needs using cutting-edge and creative CS methodologies. Customer success manager certifications will help to bridge the skills gap.

Drives the Business Growth

The expansion of SaaS and subscription-based business models is one of the key factors that influence customer success. Customer success drives business growth but only if it is implemented by an experienced customer success management team. The customer success manager certification will provide best and deep practices to perform customer success roles through new CS methodologies and by defining a customer success lifecycle.

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Reduce Retention and Customer Churn

Customers that discontinue doing business with a company are known as “customer churn.” In the SaaS-based model, it is usually canceling the subscription fee. The customer success manager certification will help you build strong customer success practices to reduce churn. Companies with a dedicated customer success team see a 24% lower rate of customer retention than businesses without such a team.

Cisco Customer Success Manager Certification- The Best Approach to Advance your Career

In this blog, we will give you complete information about Cisco Customer Success Manager Certification. The Cisco Customer Success Manager certification will develop and implement strong knowledge and expertise in customer success strategies and various related skills.

Introduction to 820-605 CSM Exam

This exam assesses a candidate’s knowledge and skills in developing and integrating solutions, identifying adoption barriers and measures to eliminate them, implementing adoption frameworks, and interpreting customer usage data while leading customers to renewals and developing new sales opportunities across the customer lifecycle.

What is included in the 820-605 CSM exam?

CSM Exam Domains


1.0 Customer Success Industry

  • Explain the key drivers creating the need for Customer Success
  • Define customer success (expected and unexpected value)

Explain the customer lifecycle journey

  • Compare customer success, customer support and sales
  • Explain the value proposition for customer success
  • Describe various IT consumption and purchase models
  • Outline the important measurements for customer success
  • Describe how the following metrics have an impact on finances.
  • Describe customer segmentation-based customer engagement models.
  • Describe the Customer Success Manager’s objectives.


2.0 Success Plan Development

    • Determine the product or solution that was bought Identify the major stakeholder roles
    • Validate the desired business outcomes using data from important stakeholders.
    • Determine the crucial success variables that link to business results.
    • Review the account baseline analysis to find any deficiencies.
    • review the customer health score
    • List the standard components of a customer success plan.
    • Describe the motivation behind selected use cases.
    • Determine who is responsible for what in a RACI.
    • Describe how results, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and measurements help to achieve customer value.


3.0 Barrier Management

    • Identify types of customer barriers
    • Describe sources used to identify customer barriers
    • Identify customer barriers


4.0 Customer Success Management

    • Describe the components of client onboarding Describe the objectives of crucial customer management tasks
    • Explain the stakeholders’ communication requirements
    • Explain the Quarterly Success Review procedure
    • Determine the results of a quarterly success review
    • Determine opportunities for customers to serve as advocates


5.0 Enhance Opportunities and Renewal

  • Describe several opportunities to expand
  • Determine prospective growth possibilities from a customer success plan across the client lifecycle.
  • Make an adoption campaign to find more chances
  • Update customer success strategy to include new opportunities
  • Describe the components of a renewal risk analysis.
  • Make mitigation plans that take risk variables into consideration


820-605 CSM Exam Key Takeaways

  • Exam Code: 820-605 CSM
  • Exam Name: Customer Success Manager Certification
  • Exam Format: Not defined
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Exam Cost: $250
  • Associated Certification: Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist

Recertification of CSM 820-605

The three-year validity period of the Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist certification.

To update certification:

  • Pass the latest version of the DTCSM exam

820-605 CSM Skills Measured

The exam will also test the following skills measures

  • Discovery
  • Benchmarking & Application
  • Analysis & Evaluation
  • Enablement
  • Customer Success Management 
  • Integrate Solutions
  • Software Licensing

Market Value of Customer Success Manager Certification

Top Job Titles

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Senior Customer Success Manager
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Customer Success Manager II
  • Sales Business Retention Representative Customer Success

Salary of Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Managers at Cisco make an average of $122,965 annually. This is 31% more than the customer success manager’s national average compensation. In that range, the worst 10% of customer success managers make around $93,000 annually, while the top 10% make about $160,000.

Salary Ranges

  • Specialist-level Jobs (more than $100,000)
  • High-Paying Professional Level Jobs ($80k to $99k)
  • Upper Middle Level Jobs ($50k–$79k)
  • Middle-Level Jobs ($30K-$49K)
  • Entry Level Jobs ($30,000 or less)

Recommended Training and Prep Resources for 820-605 CSM Exam

1- Recommended Training

Cisco Customer Success Manager (DTCSM)

The best way to prepare for the 820-605 exam is to take the Cisco DTCSM training. Through activities based on scenarios from real-world use cases and case studies, the course offers practical training.

2- E-learning

Online, self-paced courses and exam study materials are available from the Cisco Learning Network Store that help you prepare for the exam.

Cisco Customer Success Manager (DTCSM) v2.1

The course will give you complete knowledge about customer success manager job roles and 820-605 exam domains.

3- Edurely Exam Material

The best created reliable, accurate, and authentic Edurely 820-605 exam dumps are the finest and easy method to pass the 820-605 CSM exam.


Customer success is critical for every business nowadays. The need for having a certification in customer success managers is fueled by a variety of causes explained earlier. The greatest qualification in this field is the Cisco Customer Success Management Certification, which advances your customer success manager career. Therefore, you must obtain this certification if you wish to advance your career and fill a skill gap.


The role and responsibilities of the Cisco customer success manager are to develop new sales possibilities throughout the whole customer lifecycle by demonstrating your capacity to create and integrate solutions, understand adoption barriers and how to overcome them, deploy adoption frameworks, interpret customer usage data, and lead customers to renewals.

As of the recent year, the average Customer Success Manager salary in the United States is $115,314, however, the range is often between $97,790 and $136,136.

It is difficult. Companies usually hire candidates with both experience and academic background. Experience count more. When employing CSMs, the majority of employers require at least a bachelor’s degree, however, in some cases employers are more interested in your professional experience than your academic background. They are looking for someone with a few years of account management or customer experience.

The term “customer success manager” is also referred to in the market as customer success engineer, sales manager, and customer success specialist.

Although the job of a customer success manager is not difficult, success requires a variety of abilities. You must be able to properly balance the needs of the business goals while fulfilling the customer’s needs. Moreover, you should have expertise in maintaining and managing customer success manager job roles and responsibilities.

Your credential is valid for two years after passing the Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist 820-605 exam.

The following are the best CSM certifications:

  • Customer SuccessBox 101 Training for CSMs
  • Success COACHING
  • Cisco Customer Success Manager (DTCSM)
  • Practical CSM’s Certified Customer Success Management Professional (SMP) Customer Success Certification

Customer Success is an excellent career path for you if you enjoy dealing with people and are motivated by outcomes. It’s a very fulfilling job with lots of growth options in terms of personal growth, and professional development. Moreover, it is the need of every business now so there are a lot of lucrative job opportunities.

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