A Complete Exam Guide to the New AWS DevOps Professional (DOP-C02)

AWS DOP-C02 Certification exam guides contain a content outline as well as essential exam information. AWS DOP-C02 is an updated version of AWS DevOps Professional (DOP-C01). This certification validates your technical ability to deploy, operate, and manage distributed application systems on the AWS platform. Let’s look into the important details of the AWS DevOps Professional certification and updated curriculum.
DOP-C02 EXAM, AWS DevOps Professional EXAM GUIDE

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A Brief Introduction to AWS DOP-C02 Certification

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional (DOP-C02) exam is designed for people who work as DevOps engineers. The exam verifies a candidate’s technical knowledge of AWS deployment, operation, and management of distributed systems and services.

Historical Context of AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional

The first version of the AWS DevOps engineer-professional certification exam (DOP-C00) was retired in 2020. The new and updated version was launched in 2020 with the exam code DOP-C01. The C01 is also getting retired and the latest version is coming in 2023 with the exam code DOP-C02.

When will the Updated Version of DOP come?

Registration for the DOP-C02 exam will be open from 31st January. You can take this exam from March 7, 2023. The last day to take the C01 exam is March 6, 2023.

Difference b/w DOP-C01 and DOP- C03

  • The updated DVA-C02 exam guide includes the most recent services as well as newer features that were not covered on the DVA-C01 exam, such as Amazon MemoryDB for Redis and AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority. 
  • AWS has added over 40 new services that were previously not considered “in scope” for the DOP-C01 exam, including AWS Backup, Amazon FSx, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, the AWS Fault Injection Simulator, and several database services such as Aurora, Aurora Serverless, DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility), ElastiCache, and Redshift.
  • The C02 exam outline 6 domains. 

What skills AWS DOP-C02 exam validates?

The exam also evaluates a candidate’s ability to execute the following tasks:

  • Implement and manage continuous delivery systems and techniques on AWS.
  • Implement and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation.
  • Create and deploy AWS monitoring, metrics, and logging systems.
  • Build highly available, scalable, and self-healing systems on AWS.
  • Design, manage, and support tools for automating operational procedures.

What are the basic prerequisites for the DOP-C02 exam?

  • The applicant has at least two years of experience in provisioning, operating, and managing AWS infrastructures. 
  • The applicant has also worked with the software development lifecycle and programming and/or scripting.

Recommended Knowledge for AWS DOP-C02 Exam

The candidates should have:

  • Experience creating highly automated infrastructure
  • Experience administering operating systems
  • Strong understanding of modern development and operational procedures and methods
  • AWS infrastructure security experience

What’s in the updated DOP-C02 exam curriculum?

The AWS DOP-C02 exam consists of the following domains with weightage:

Exam Domains


Domain 1: SDLC Automation


Domain 2: Configuration Management and IaC


Domain 3: Resilient Cloud Solutions


Domain 4: Monitoring and Logging


Domain 5: Incident and Event Response


Domain 6: Security and Compliance


Note: Refer to AWS DOP-C02 exam domains for detailed exam topics.

Important Details about AWS DOP-C02 Exam

Exam Format

Multiple-choice and multiple-response questions

Exam Duration

180 minutes

No of Questions



English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese


300 USD

Passing Criteria

750 points- scales score from 100-1000

Active Status

3 years

Delivery Method

Pearson VUE or Online Proctored Exam

Get the Sample Questions   (DOP-C02) for preparation


Following a review of the differences between the exam guides for both exams, there is some similarity between the DVA-C01 and DVA-C02 exams. The updated DVA-C02 exam guide includes the most recent services as well as newer features that were not covered on the DVA-C01 exam, such as Amazon MemoryDB for Redis and AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority. Moreover, the C02 exam outline has been also updated.

The professional-level exams are generally considered difficult as compared to other entry-level and associate-level exams. The AWS DevOps professional exam is quite difficult because it covers a wide range of domains and needs proper study to pass it.

Yes, working as a DevOps engineer is a rough and tough job but it also depends upon your interest. If you’re a DevOps engineer, you do not find it difficult. A DevOps engineer should have excellent technical experience and skills, current knowledge of DevOps, and leadership and supervisory skills to monitor communications and issues between development and operations teams.

The annual total pay for an AWS/DevOps Engineer in the United States is $122,515 with an average income of $105,110.

Absolutely yes! DevOps has a bright future ahead of it. The future of DevOps in various areas of the IT business is increasing and it has great job opportunities. The compensation of a DevOps Engineer reflects the high demand for DevOps globally.

83% of IT decision-makers said they were embracing DevOps practices to increase business value. According to IDC, the DevOps market will expand from $2.9 billion to $8 billion by 2022.  99% of respondents believe DevOps will have a positive impact on their firm.

Exam attempts are not limited. However, for each exam attempt, you must pay the full registration fee. Once you have passed an exam, you will be unable to retake it for two years. You will be able to take the new exam version if the exam has been updated with a new exam guide and exam series code.

The average salary for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate level professionals in the United States and Canada is $159,033.

An entry-level Amazon Web Services professional earns between $70,000 and $90,000 per year. A senior AWS expert can expect to make between $135,000 and $166,000 per year. AWS salary can vary based on the job position, certification level, and experience.

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