CompTIA Network+ N10-008 Vs N10-009 Certification: Which one is best

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Are you planning to take CompTIA Network+ certification in the upcoming months? Have you prepared yourself for the N10-008 Certification? Did you hear about the upcoming N10-009 certification and worried about how you will start your preparation all over again? If the answers to these questions are yes, then do not get upset. 

With time technological advancement is taking place in the IT industry, to cope with these changes, the main players are launching new or updated certifications that can help professionals enjoy career growth in the market. To keep an eye on this advancement, the CompTIA has introduced a new N10-009 certification.

In this article, we are going to compare the similarities and differences between CompTIA Network+ N10-008 and N10-009 certifications, what are updates and changes,  and details about how you can be ready for N10-009 Certification with little preparation.

Overview CompTIA Network+ Certifications

The CompTIA Network+ is one of the leading certification providers. These certifications are specially designed for establishing industry-related expertise and upgraded knowledge among entry-level professionals. This certification promises a profitable and demanding career in the networking and cybersecurity sectors. 

This vendor-neutral credential helps IT specialists ensure the smooth execution of networking operations. This assists in upgrading technical proficiency among networking specialists to create, secure, and troubleshoot problems in networking. 

According to the growing demand for advanced proficiency, CompTIA Network+ Certification has recently upgraded its latest N10-008 certification into a new and advanced version of networking to N10-009 certifications.

Let’s have a deep understanding of the similarities and differences of both designed Network+ N10-008 and N10-009 certifications.

Similar aspects of CompTIA Network+ N10-008 & N10-009 Certifications

Following are some similar aspects of both CompTIA Network+ N10-008 and N10-009 Certifications:

Overview of Specialized Expertise among Professionals

This certification upgrades certain professional abilities, which include, developing network service, detailed documentation, and network connections. One can get an understanding of data, cloud, and networking concepts, how to execute security-related approaches, and how to manage networking infrastructure.

Cost incurred for both Network+ Certification

The price associated with these two offered Network+ certifications is $369 (USD).

Prerequisite of both CompTIA Network+ N10-008 and N10-009 Certifications

The appropriate requirement to get enrolled for these certifications is that you need CompTIA A+ certification to gain foundational knowledge regarding IT professional fields. With this, you need almost nine to twelve months of professional experience as entry-level professional players in networking administrators and support technicians.

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Associated Exam Pattern for both CompTIA Network+ Certification:

Although the names of both exams are different, both have some similar exam patterns.

Amount of Questions mentioned in Exam
90 Questions
Type of Questions being asked
MCQ and Performance-Based
Time allocated for each exam
90 minutes
Passing Marks Required
720 (It depends upon the scoreboard of from 100 to 900)
Test Provider
Pearson VUE (you can take the test while going in-personally to the test center or take their online test)

Target Audience

The target audience for CompTIA Network+ N10-008 and N10-009 Certification are those who have occupied diverse informational technology and networking occupations, including Network Technician, Support Specialist, and Administrator.

Expiration Date for these certifications

The retirement limit for Network+ N10-008 and N10-009 Certifications is mostly three years after their launching date. The expiring date for N10-008 Certification is 20th December 2024 while the same rule will apply with N10-009 Certification.

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Salary expectation for professionals holding both CompTIA Network+ Certifications

The basic salary for entering-level professionals holding Network+ certification is $91,460. This pay will increase up to $144,500.

Salary by Location

Most of the locations offers different salaries:

Expected Average Salary Per Year
San Mateo, CA
Green River, WY
Boston, MA
Daly City, CA
Juneau, AK
Berkeley, CA

Salary by Occupation

Job Title
Expected Salary
Network Administrator
Network Support Specialist
Network System Analyst

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Job opportunities for professionals

The job roles for professionals having Network+ N10-008 and N10-009 Certifications:

  • Network & System Administrators
  • Data Center Technician
  • IT Support Manager & Technician
  • Network Operations Specialist

Potential Outcomes of Network+ Certification for Beginners

Following are the possible objectives for obtaining certifications in Network+:

  • Assist in getting advanced technical proficiency and prior experiences in the network administration field.
  • One can use knowledge from certifications and apply it to a secure organizational network.
  • Offers real-type cases to deliver basic knowledge about mitigating security problems. 

Contrast Between Network+ N10-008 and N10-009 Certifications

Although both Network+ certifications are similar to each other, one (N10-009) Certification is an updated version of N10-008 Certification. Following are some pointers that are considered as the main contrasting factors between both certifications.

Date of Certification Launch in the IT Market

The launching date is the first difference which one can consider as an IT Market:

Network+ N10-008 Certification
Network+ N10-009 Certification
15th September, 2021
20th June 2024

Languages in which N10-008 and N10-009 Certification is delivered

Network+ N10-008 Certification can be taken in various languages, including English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese, whereas in N10-009, one who wants to take this certification exam in Japanese along with other language categories mentioned in N10-008. 

Course Outline for preparation of both Network+ Certification

The following are the major outlines of both CompTIA Network+ Certification in which one will experience that weightage and some outline specialization names are changed:

CompTIA Network+ N10-008 Certification

The course outline with weightage of the CompTIA Network+ N10-009 Certification is explained in the following table:

Major Domain
Networking Fundamentals
Network Implementations
Network Operations
Network Security
Network Troubleshooting

CompTIA Network+ N10-009 Certification

The course outline with weightage of the CompTIA Network+ N10-009 Certification is explained in the following table:

Major Domain
Networking Fundamentals
Network Implementations
Network Operations
Network Security
Network Troubleshooting


To sum up all these, N10-009 Certification is the advanced and updated version of N10-008 Certification. The CompTIA Network+ certification always helps new beginners pursue a career in the networking and cybersecurity department. This certification is an ideal foundation that helps in devising advanced solutions to implement cloud integration and fixing security-related errors in compliance with the adoption of technological advancement. 

To cope with the updates in the networking industry, one needs to use the knowledge of N10-009 Certification. This upgraded version of N10-008 Certifications helps professionals to experience professional careers in their field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Both N10-008 and N10-009 Certification are the exam codes of CompTIA Network+ Certification. There is little advancement in the networking field for which CompTIA has launched its new version of certification which is named CompTIA Network+ N10-009 Certification.

The CompTIA is going to launch the new Network+ N10-009 Certification on 20th June 2024.

The passing score for Network+ Certification is 720 and it is measured by using the standard scaling of 100 to 900. 

The present version of CompTIA Network+ Certification is  N10-008 which is going to expire after six months of the N10-009 version.

The CompTIA Network+ Certification consists of 90 different MCQ-based questions.

The total time required to complete CompTIA Network+ certification is 90 minutes. 

One who already has CompTIA A+ certification and has 9 to 12 months of experience in the networking department will hardly take 2 to 3 months to complete the preparation of certification.

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