Cybersecurity Certifications Faceoff: CompTIA Security+ vs. EC-Council CEH

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CompTIA and EC-council are both the leading certification providers in the field of Information Technology. Though CompTIA focuses on IT infrastructure and cybersecurity certifications, EC-council primarily focuses on and provides cybersecurity certifications. 

CompTIA Security+ and EC-Council CEH are the hottest certifications from both vendors and aspirants are acquiring them predominantly because cybersecurity is an ever-growing occupation. You may want to know which certification is best for you and also want to explore the differences between Security+ and CEH. For this reason, the blog comes in to give you a complete insight into certification requirements, benefits, cost, and market demand. Let’s navigate the path of both these certifications to make an informed decision.

CompTIA Security+ vs. EC-Council CEH: Breaking Down Significant Points




CompTIA Security+ is a globally recognized certification that validates baseline skills required to perform core security functions. The certification also endorses that an individual knows how to implement and manage organizational security.  

  • Vendor-neutral and DoD approved

The EC-Council CEH is also the most widely recognized certification in the domain of ethical hacking. The certification enhances your competencies as a security engineer and showcases that you have skills in identifying security breaches and implementing practices for mitigating risks. 

  • Vendor-neutral and DoD-approved

CEH vs Security+ Intended Audience



The certification is intended for anyone who wants to pursue a career in cybersecurity. 

The certification primarily focuses on penetration testing, so if you want to pursue a career in ethical hacking, this is your way to go.

Learning Outcomes



The Security+ incorporates best practices in hands-on troubleshooting, guaranteeing that you have practical security problem-solving skills required to:

  • Assess the security of an organization and implement best practices according to it
  • Monitor and secure hybrid environments
  • Operate with an awareness of applicable laws and policies, including principles of governance, risk, and compliance
  • Identify, analyze, and respond to security events and incident

This certification also enhanced your expertise across a wide array of domains, including network security, penetration testing, cryptography, and malware analysis. Moreover, CEH is divided into 20 modules and delivered through a cautiously curated training plan, enabling you to practice security techniques and knowledge in real-world scenarios. 


Certification Requirement and Prerequisites



CompTIA Network+ and two years of experience working in a security/ systems administrator job role

EC-council CEH certification doesn’t demand any prerequisites but it is recommended to have at least two years of experience in IT security.

Certification Examination Details



CEH Exam

CEH Practical

Exam Code


312-50(ECC EXAM), 312-50(VUE)

Exam format

90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions

125 multiple-choice questions


iLab Cyber Range

Exam Duration

90 minutes

4 hours

6 hours

Exam Delivery

Pearson VUE

  • Testing centers
  • Online Testing



Passing Score

750 on a scale range of 100-900



Cost Comparison



The cost of the CompTIA Security+ exam is $392. Moreover, if you enroll in training it has separate charges. CompTIA provides bundles that include various perquisites and exam vouchers. The bundle’s cost ranges from $565 to $2,499. 

The CEH ECC Exam Center Voucher costs $950 from the EC-Council. The CEH (Practical) course costs $550. Moreover, CEH with EC-council-approved training costs between $850 to $2,999. The CEH exam costs $1,199, plus $100 for remote proctoring.

Job Titles



After acquiring this certification, you can get various get hired for various job titles such as: 

System Administrator, Tier II IT Support Technician, Software Developer, Business Analyst, Cybersecurity Manager, IT Support Manager, Security Engineer, Security Consultant, and Security Specialist

CEH provides you with job opportunities in 20+ job roles such as:

 Security Administrator, Network Engineer, Solution Architect, Mid-level Information Security Auditor, SOC Security Analyst, Information Security Manager, Security Analyst, Cybersecurity Auditor, Senior Security Consultant, and many more.

Salary Comparison

CompTIA Security+

EC-Council CEH

According to PayScale, the average salary you will earn having a system security+ certification is $83,000. The salary also hiked up to 110,000 depending on the job role and experience.

The average salary of CEH certified is $100,000. The salary goes up to $131,574 depending on the job title and experience. 

Which Certification Is Better to Opt for? CompTIA Security+ Or EC-Council CEH

Both certifications are best in their way. If you are wondering which certification is better to choose, it totally depends on your interest and career goals.

Align With Your Career Route

First of all, identify your career goals and set a career route. Security+ certification is for entry-level security aspirants while EC-council CEH is for those who have a serious interest in penetration testing. The below infographic will help you to understand the career trajectory and what further certifications you can opt for.

Security+ Career Path

Security+ career path

EC-Council CEH Path

eccouncil certification path


While getting any of the certifications (Security+ or EC-Council CEH), consider the main focus and think about whether it will enhance your previous knowledge or not. The CompTIA Security+ focuses on core cybersecurity required by security and network administration. While the CEH’s main focus is penetration testing.


No one can give a complete verdict on which one is better. Both certifications help aspirants in establishing a strong cybersecurity career. If you’re looking to establish a strong foundational knowledge of security concepts and want a certification that is widely recognized, CompTIA security+ is an excellent way. On the other hand, if you aim to pursue a career in penetration testing, EC-Council CEH is the better choice.

Ultimately, your decision should align with your career goals and the skills you want to learn. Both certification holds significant value in the cybersecurity industry and your choice should reflect your long-term goals in the dynamic field.

Frequently Asked Questions

EC-Council certifications are definitely worth it and are one of the most recognized certifications in the domain of cybersecurity. EC-Council CEH is the most demanded and acquired certification. The certifications focus on penetration testing and ethical hacking. 

88% Considered CEH is the most comprehensive ethical hacking program in the industry. 85% credited CEH with helping them give back to the cybersecurity community. 92% of hiring managers prefer candidates with CEH for jobs that require ethical hacking skills. Moreover, the certification increases your career prospects and gives you a breakthrough in getting higher salaries.

The major difference between CompTIA security+ and CEH is the core focus. The first one focuses on fundamental cybersecurity skills and the CEH intended on ethical hacking. To find out the differences, read this blog thoroughly.

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