Secure your Future with CRISC Certification: Explore Exam Cost, Salary, and Jobs in 2024

Data breaches and cyber-attacks are growing more common and sophisticated in today's world, making it critical for firms to have seasoned professionals managing their information technology risks. The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification is one such certification that verifies an individual's skill in IT risk management. CRISC is a worldwide recognized certification accredited by ISACA that indicates a person's ability to detect, assess, and evaluate IT risks as well as establish mitigation measures. Moreover, a CRISC will qualify you as a Risk Management specialist. You will discover how to improve your company's business resilience, deliver stakeholder value, and improve risk management across the enterprise by studying a proactive strategy based on Agile methodology. In this post, we will look at the cost, salary potential, and career opportunities for CRISC-certified professionals in 2024
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Steps for Obtaining the CRISC Certification – How to get CRISC Certified?

If you want to get CRISC certifications, you must have to fulfil the following steps and procedures.

Step 1: Pass the CRISC Exam

You must meet the following prerequisites before submitting your application:

  • You must have passed the CRISC Test within the last five years.
  • Have at least three years of professional CRISC work experience in at least two of the four CRISC domains- Corporate IT Governance, IT Risk Assessment, Risk Response & Reporting and Information Technology & Security.

Step 2: Download the Application

  • Candidates must have to apply for CRISC certification within five years of passing the exam. You have to download the pdf application and fill it out. 
  • Also, candidates have to verify their experience by having their supervisor or manager sign the Experience Verification Form in the application.

Step 3: Pay and Submit

Before you apply, pay the one-time application processing charge of US$50. Go to ISACA’s official website for more information and detailed process

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Exam Cost of CRISC Certification

The exam cost of CRISC exam registration is different for members and non-members. The cost for members is $575 and for non-members, it is $760.

Exploring the Salary Potential and Job Opportunity of CRISC Certified in 2024

The most important thing while opting for any certification is to check the market demand for the certification including job opportunities, salary, and career advancement.

CRISC Certified Salary

In this current year, the average salary for a CRISC-certified professional is $132,266. This value is significantly more than the national average wage in the United States, as well as the average salary for all IT certificates. The salary goes up to $220,000 based on the job role and experience.  So, if you want to advance your career in risk management, this certification is a choice.

How CRISC Certification will increase your earning potential?

CRISC certification can boost earning potential in a variety of ways. For starters, the certification displays a level of understanding and proficiency in the subject of information systems risk management, which companies highly value. Companies are frequently ready to pay extra for experts who have proved the capacity to properly manage risk, as this helps to protect the organization’s valuable assets and reputation. Several companies require CRISC certification for particular roles and may even pay more to attract skilled candidates. In short, earning CRISC certification can be a great choice in terms of earning potential and career advancement and progression.

CRISC Certified Job Roles and Opportunities

CRISC-certified professionals will have more job prospects in 2024 as the demand for information systems risk management grows across industries. Risk management has become a primary focus for many firms due to the alarming increase of complexities in cyber threats, as well as stronger regulatory requirements. As a result, there is a rising demand for individuals who have the skills and expertise required to properly manage risk.

Industries areas like finance, healthcare, and government, that are highly regulated and necessitate strict risk management controls required CRISC certified professionals. The following are the top job roles for which you can seek employment after CRISC certified:

  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Information Security Manager
  • Information Security Office
  • Director, Risk Management / Risk Control
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Senior Information Technology (IT) Auditor
  • Information Technology (IT) Director

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Concluding Words

In conclusion, CRISC certification is the most acknowledged and recognized certification in risk management. The certification open door to many job opportunities and career advancement, hence, proved to be worthwhile. The earning potential also gets increased after achieving CRISC certification. So, if you want to achieve this certification, NOW is the time


One such certification is the Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), which confirms an individual’s knowledge of IT risk management. CRISC is a globally recognized credential authorized by ISACA that demonstrates an individual’s capacity to detect, assess, and evaluate IT risks as well as implement mitigation strategies.

Both of these certifications are highly recognized in the cybersecurity field. Which certification is better usually depends on your job role and interest. CISA is the best option to take if you want to become a professional auditor. Enroll for the CRISC certification if you want to work in risk management. Also, both of these certifications are lucrative and highly paid. Choose certification according to your career goal and job role.

 The exam registration fee is determined by the candidate’s ISACA membership status at the time of registration. ISACS members pay $575.00, while non-members pay $760.00.

The CRISC certification is not for inexperienced professionals. ISACA suggests that candidates be in their mid-career and work in either IT/IS audit or risk and security. Moreover, it is recommended that candidates should have three years of work experience in one or two of CRISC’s four domains.

Yes, it is not easy to pass the CRISC certification exam like many other cybersecurity certifications. You have to put in consistent and focused efforts to achieve this milestone. However, if you use reliable sources and had a particularly good experience in the risk management field, you can accomplish this endeavor. Moreover, Edurely provides the most comprehensive, updated, and accurate CRISC dumps for exam preparation. So, make this certification easy by preparing with the CRISC exam dumps

Following are the domains with overall weightage in the exam.  

  • Domain 1: Governance – 26%
  • Domain 2:  IT Risk Assessment – 20%
  • Domain 3: Risk Response and Reporting – 32%
  • Domain 4: Information Technology and Security – 22%

You must pay the annual maintenance charge to keep your CRISC. This payment is due on January 1 each year and is required to renew for the next calendar year.

To pass the CRISC, you should get a minimum score of 450 or higher with a scale range of 200 to 800.

Yes, the CRISC exam is a multiple-choice exam with four options available and only one correct answer. Scenario-type questions are also conceivable, so think about your solution before responding.

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