DevOps Engineer Salary and Cost: Does the Salary Overcome the Cost?

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When you have to opt for any certification, you will also evaluate its salary prospect first. The salary, after earning a particular certification, must be higher than the cost spent on it. The salary of DevOps will give you a clear idea of whether this certification is right for you. 

Let us take a quick overview of what DevOps is. The word DevOps is made of two words-development and operations. Thus a DevOps engineer has the primary role in developing, testing, releasing, and updating the software. They are highly qualified to carry out complete processing and management of all the 

This blog covers the cost and the salary of a DevOps engineer.

What is the cost of Azure DevOps Certification?

AZ-104 OR AZ-204 Exam Registration Fee

Either you take AZ-104 or AZ-204; the coat is the same for both. The cost of each exam is $165. 

AZ-400 Exam Registration Fee 

The cost of the AZ-400 exam is $165. 

Exam Preparation Fee  

The exam preparation fee varies. Usually, two things are included in the exam prep fee: course fee and practice questions. The cost of the course of the AZ-400 exam ranges from $150-$400. In the course, you will learn the exam topics. There are two types of course, materials- recorded lectures and instructor based. In instructor-based courses, you can ask questions and guidance from an instructor. The exam practice questions, which range from $25-$35, also add to the cost of the exam preparation. 

Total Cost 

The cost of the prerequisite exam (AZ-104 or 204) and AZ 400 is mandatory. However, the cost of the exam preparation may vary according to the course price and the practice questions you choose. 

How much does an Azure DevOps Engineer Earn?

Not surprisingly, Azure DevOps Engineers earn a great deal. This is one of the major reasons why this is one of the most sought-after careers among IT professionals. The average salary of an Azure devops engineer ranges from $91k-$230k. Their salary depends on various factors, including experience, location and expertise. The following is the detailed relationship between DevOps salary with various factors. The information is from the most authentic and reliable sites like Glassdoor, Indeed and PayScale

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Azure DevOps Engineer Salary Depends on Which Factors?

Experience Based salary

The entry-level DevOps engineer gets a starting salary that is not very high. However, if a certified professional has worked on various projects related to DevOps, the salary will rise accordingly. The following is an illustration connecting the salary of a DevOps engineer with the experience.


Salary in dollars (per year)

0-3 years


3-6 years 


6-9 years 


10+  years 



Country-based Salary:

The second major factor affecting a DevOps engineer’s salary is the location. Places like USA, UK, Canada, and Germany offer a high salary package to DevOps engineers. The following illustration gives a detailed comparison. 


Salary in Dollars (per year)

United States 


United Kingdom 










City-based Salary:

The salary of a DevOps engineer stays the same over the region. However, a slight difference exists in salaries within a country or state. Hence, it is appropriate to claim that the salary of the DevOps engineer varies from city to city. The following are the major cities in the US and their respective salaries. 



San Jose, CA

$118,500 per year

Santa Clara, CA

$123,500 per Year

Fremont, CA

$110,198 per Year

San Francisco, CA

$116,028 per Year

Daly City, CA

$114,028 per Year

Oakland, CA 

$113,195 per Year

Berkeley, CA 0

$102,195 per Year

Hayward, CA

$114,968 per Year

What are the Major Job Roles of an Azure DevOps Engineer?

  • Designing DevOps Strategy.
  • Implementing DevOps Development Processes.
  • Implementing Continuous Integration.
  • Implementing Continuous Delivery.
  • Implementing Dependency Management.
  • Implementing Application Infrastructure.
  • Implementing Continuous Feedback.

Reasons Why Azure DevOps Engineers Earn Thousands of Dollars

  • All-round performers

The Azure DevOps engineers can be called the all-around performers in a company. They are responsible to design, develop, implement and test. Their extensive job roles raise their demand in the cloud industry. 

  • Intensive recognition 

Azure cloud certifications have been ruling the IT world for years. Their credentials are well-structured in terms of the study topics and the learning content. Azure provides excellent DevOps skills and expertise. 

  • Safety and privacy 

In this era of cloud technology, safety and privacy is very important. Azure is wee-known to be a safe and secure platform. This is the reason why many major companies and organizations make 

  • Tough competition 

Due to the high demand for DevOps engineers, there is tough competition in the market for certified professionals. The certification involves passing various exams, so appropriate study material and dedication is earning the credential. 

In a Nutshell

The salary of the DevOps engineer is many times higher as compared to the cost of the certification. The level of difficulty of this credential is undoubtedly high but choosing the right prep material can help you to crack the exam successfully. Edurely provides the most comprehensive study material to crack the exam in just a single attempt.


Edurely is the best study material that is trusted by all the candidates to prepare for the Az-400 exam. The questions are expert-verified and comprehensively answered.

It takes about 2 months to prepare for Azure DevOps certification. AZ-400 exam is the requirement for the certification.

No, anyone cannot take the AZ-400 exam. You must take the prerequisite exam for taking the DevOps certification exam.

Azure DevOps certification is practically easier. Learning from scratch would take a bit more time and effort. If you have the basic development skills, it will be easier to crack the exam.

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