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In the data-driven world, where information reigns supreme, the role of a data engineer is more critical than ever. Data engineers are the architects behind the scenes, responsible for building and maintaining the data pipelines that enable organizations to derive valuable insights. Among the myriad of certifications available, the Microsoft DP-203 exam, officially titled “Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure,” stands out as a vital milestone for those looking to establish themselves as experts in the field. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the key reasons why the DP-203 exam is of paramount importance.

Understanding the DP-203 Exam

The DP-203 exam, also known as “Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure,” is a certification offered by Microsoft to validate your skills and expertise in data engineering on the Azure cloud platform. An Azure data engineer is responsible for assisting the stakeholders with the data using exploration and assembling and maintaining stable and compliant data processing pipelines by making use of different tools and techniques.

Exam Details of DP-203 Exam

Exam Title 

Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure

Exam Code




Duration of Exam

120 minutes

Number of Questions

40-60 questions

Type of Questions 

    • scenario-based single-answer
    • multiple-choice
    • ordered in the right sequence
    • drop-type questions


English, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Indonesian (Indonesia)

Topics Included in DP-203 Course

The following exam topics are included in the DP 203 exam. Each topic has sub-topics to help you in focused preparation. The percentage of each topic represents the part of the course that will be included in the exam. 

Design and implement data storage (15–20%): 

  • Implement a partition strategy
  • Design and implement the data exploration layer

Develop data processing (40–45%)

  • Ingest and transform data
  • Develop a batch processing solution
  • Develop a stream processing solution
  • Manage batches and pipelines

Secure, monitor, and optimize data storage and data processing (30–35%)

  • Implement data security
  • Monitor data storage and data processing
  • Optimize and troubleshoot data storage and data processing

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Worth and Importance of Taking DP-203 Exam

There are many perks and advantages of the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer DP-203 exam. These provide a strong foundational basis for taking the DP-203 exam.

1. Azure Dominance in Cloud Computing

Microsoft Azure has emerged as one of the top cloud computing platforms globally. Its wide array of services and tools for data engineering and analytics makes it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes. By earning the DP-203 certification, you’re demonstrating your proficiency in leveraging Azure’s capabilities for data engineering tasks. This proficiency becomes invaluable as more organizations migrate their data workloads to Azure, creating a surge in demand for skilled professionals.

2. Stand Out in Recognition

Microsoft certifications have long been recognized as industry standards, and DP-203 is no exception. Achieving this certification not only signifies your expertise but also showcases your commitment to staying current in a rapidly evolving field. Employers often view Microsoft certifications as a benchmark for hiring data engineering talent, giving you a distinct advantage in job interviews and promotions.

3. Validate Your Potential

One of the primary reasons to pursue DP-203 is the knowledge and skills you’ll gain during the preparation process. The exam syllabus covers a wide spectrum of data engineering topics, including data storage, data processing, data integration, and data security. Practical, hands-on experience with Azure services like Azure Data Factory and Azure Databricks is an integral part of the certification journey. These skills are directly transferable to real-world data engineering projects, making you a more effective and efficient data engineer.

4. Get Career Thrust

The DP-203 certification can serve as a catalyst for career growth. As businesses continue to invest in data-driven decision-making, they need professionals who can architect and manage data pipelines effectively. With DP-203, you open doors to roles such as Data Engineer, Data Architect, Cloud Solutions Architect, and more. These positions often come with higher salaries and increased responsibilities, reflecting the value of your certification.

5. Adapt Recent Trends

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, staying competitive is crucial. DP-203 ensures that you remain relevant and adaptable in the field of data engineering. The continuous updates and improvements to Azure services mean that data engineers must stay up-to-date with the latest tools and best practices. DP-203 certification is a testament to your ability to do just that.

6. Earn Market Competitive Salary


Lowest rate

Median rate

Highest rate

Hourly rate




Weekly rate




Monthly rate 




Yearly rate 




Crack DP-203 in a Few Easy Steps

Passing the DP-203 exam may be a hard nut for you to crack. A proper study path will help you crack the exam and simplify your pathway to becoming an Azure data engineer.

1. Keenly Observe the Exam Details

The first step in your DP-203 preparation journey is to familiarize yourself with the exam objectives. Microsoft provides a detailed exam outline that specifies the skills and knowledge areas the exam will cover. Carefully review this document as it will be your roadmap throughout your preparation.

2. Learn the Azure Basics

Before diving into the exam-specific content, ensure you have a solid foundation in data engineering concepts. Understand data warehousing, data integration, data transformation, and data security principles. You can acquire this knowledge through online courses, textbooks, or educational platforms.

3. Official Microsoft Learning Paths

Microsoft offers official learning paths designed specifically for DP-203 preparation. These paths include a series of modules and hands-on labs that cover all the exam objectives. Follow these learning paths diligently to ensure you cover all necessary topics.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Hands-on experience is crucial for success in the DP-203 exam. Set up a Microsoft Azure account, and use the Azure services mentioned in the exam objectives to work on real-world scenarios. Practice building data pipelines, configuring data security, and troubleshooting common issues.

5. Use Practice Tests

There are various practice tests and sample questions available online that mimic the DP-203 exam format. These can help you gauge your readiness and identify areas where you need more study. Some of these practice tests are available for free, while others may require a purchase.

6. Join Study Groups

Consider joining online study groups or forums dedicated to DP-203 exam preparation. Engaging with peers who are also preparing for the exam can provide valuable insights, tips, and a sense of community.

7. Review and Revise

As you near your exam date, review all the topics you’ve studied. Focus on areas where you feel less confident and revise your notes. It’s essential to ensure that you’ve retained the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your preparation.

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In A Nutshell

The DP-203 exam is not just another certification; it’s your ticket to becoming a recognized authority in data engineering on Azure. It provides a solid foundation, validates your skills, and opens doors to exciting career opportunities. As businesses increasingly rely on data to make informed decisions, the importance of data engineers cannot be overstated. By pursuing DP-203, you’re not just investing in your career; you’re positioning yourself at the forefront of the data revolution. In conclusion, the DP-203 exam is not just a test; it’s a gateway to a future filled with possibilities, where your expertise in data engineering can shape the data-driven world of tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the DP-203 exam is $165.

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to prepare for the DP-203 exam. Previous experience, preparation resources and Azure knowledge are important determinants in exam preparation time.

Yes, the DP-203 exam is easy if you have learned all the exam topics. You will get scenario-based questions so it is important to have a deeper understanding of the concepts.

You must learn the following languages to take the exam:

  • SQL
  • Python
  • Scala

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If you are unable to pass a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam the first time, you need to wait 24 hours before retaking it. If you still do not pass the second attempt, you must wait 2 days (48 hours) before each exam retake. There is no yearly limit on the number of attempts on the DP-203 exam.

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