How Much You Earn with Having an IT Support Certification in Your hand?

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Google IT support certification is the best way to gain in-demand skills required to get entry-level IT jobs. The IT professional certificate establishes your career in IT support and gives you an edge to get hired for plenty of jobs by developing your proficiency in portfolio-ready projects.

Having the name of a top vendor – Google on your resume increases your credibility among employers, thus allowing you to enjoy many perks. One of the many is salary. Isn’t it what you come here for? Don’t worry, we got you covered. The blog is intended to give you complete insights on IT support certification salary, job titles, and scope in 2024 Let’s begin the blog!

IT Support Certification Jobs, Scope, and Salary Trends

Salary is a significant factor candidates consider when pursuing a certification. After attaining the Google IT Support certification, 75% of the candidates report positive career outcomes. The scope of this certification is increasing as you will see a lot of job openings for this certification. 

Job Openings: 

  • In the U.S  there are almost 503,000+ job openings from 2022-24, and will continue to increase in the current and coming years.
  • Simply Hired shows 850 jobs opening for IT support certification on today’s date.
  • Indeed directs 1,050+ job openings in the United States.
  • According to ZipRecruiter, there are 1,308,201 jobs found all over the United States.

In-Demand Job Titles

The main job responsibilities of IT support in small businesses and large organizations are troubleshooting and problem-solving to assist computers and networks in running smoothly, while also ensuring great customer service. The top job titles are:

  • IT Support II 
  • Senior IT Support Technician
  • Systems Administrator
  • Advanced IT Technician
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Specialist Agent Cybersecurity Technology
  • Senior Network Engineer

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IT Support Certification Salary Across Different Parameters

Key Takeaways

  • The average salary for the Google IT support certificate in the USA is $61,984. 
  • The hourly pay rate for the IT support certification is $29.80. 
  • The salary varies across cities in the United States. 
  • Different job titles have different salaries, ranging from $60k – $123k.

Google IT Certificate Salary in the US: Percentile Ranges

According to ZipRecruiter, the salaries of IT support specialists can range anywhere from as low as $19,000 a year to as high as $156,000.

Top Earners 


75th Percentile




25th Percentile


Salary Across Different Cities (Annually, Hourly)

The below table consists of salaries for a Google IT support professional certificate job across different cities. New York tops the list by giving the highest salary, followed by Berkeley, CA, and Bend. 

City (United States)

Annually Salary

Hourly Salary

New York City, NY



Berkeley, CA



Bend, OR



Renton, WA



Merced, CA



Santa Monica, CA



Daly City, CA



Salary by Experience Level

According to Google, the average entry-level salary for IT support specialists is $50,800 per year. Various factors add to a greater or lower salary; experience is one of them. 

Experience (In years)


Less than 2 years


More than 2 years


More than 5 years


Salary by Job Positions

Job position is a role player when it comes to how much money you will earn per year having the Google IT Support professional certification. The following job positions are most in-demand and have higher salaries. 

Job Titles


IT Support II


Senior IT Support Technician 


Systems Administrator 


Advanced IT Technician


Site Reliability Engineer


Network Administrators


Network Engineer


Systems Engineer


Specialist Agent Cybersecurity Technology


Senior Network Engineer


Frequently Asked Questions

The average salary you can earn from the Google IT support professional certificate is $61,984. The salary differs on various factors including experience, location, job titles, and companies you work for. Considering different parameters, we have gathered the statistics and compiled them in this blog. If you want to know the salaries according to various facets, give a read to this blog.

The Google IT support professional certificate is worth it and the first thing that makes it worthwhile is it is offered by one of the giants in tech and cloud, Google. The certification builds your knowledge in troubleshooting networks and ensuring that the organization’s systems are running smoothly. It will create job-ready skills that can open the door to starting a lucrative career in the IT industry. The certification is well-recognized and considered a valid one for getting an in-demand entry-level job.

When you get the name of a highly respected vendor and giant cloud provider, it automatically leads you to earn a job. No doubt, there are thousands of job openings for IT support specialists but attaining a job requires in-demand skills and the one taken makes a difference in thousands of candidates. Google IT support certification helps you land the job and stand out in the competition. Moreover, this certificate is intended to provide a path to highly demanding jobs that professionals are seeking.

Google IT support is self-paced, and 100% remote. The time needed to finish the certification course depends on how many working hours you spend, and your time availability. If you invest a maximum of 6-7 hours per day, you can finish the course in a week.

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in this certificate. The course is open to anyone who wants to learn the foundational skills of IT support to get started in this field.

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