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You can pass any Microsoft certification exam if you have a proper study schedule and reliable prep resources. Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst: PL-300 is an associate-level certification exam and it may require some consistent dedication and effort to pass it. However, we all know the proverb: work smarter, not harder. So, in this blog, we will suggest some tips and tricks on how to prepare and pass the PL-300 exam smartly and effortlessly. But first, you should be familiar with the exam domains, format and major details of the PL-300 exam.
PL-300 exam guide Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst: Associate exam guide

This blog covers:

A Deep Dive into Microsoft Power BI Analysis: PL-300 Exam

This exam assesses your ability to do the following technical tasks: data preparation, data modeling, data visualization and analysis, and asset deployment and maintenance.

Roles and Responsibilities of Microsoft Certified Power BI Analysis

The candidates for this exam should be able to 

  • Provide actionable insights by utilizing accessible data and subject experience.
  • Deliver meaningful corporate value with simple data visualizations, empower people to execute self-service analytics, and install and set up solutions for consumption.

Necessary Skill Sets for the PL-300 Exam

Applicants for this test should be familiar with

  • Power Query as well as writing expressions using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
  • Understand how to evaluate data quality.
  • Furthermore, they are knowledgeable about data security, particularly row-level security and data sensitivity.

Exam Details: Format, Duration, and Cost

Exam Code:


Exam Name:

Microsoft Power BI Analysis

Exam Format:

40-60 multiple-choice questions, drag and drop, case studies

Exam Duration:

Not defined- Approximately 120 minutes 

Passing Criteria:

700 out of 1000.

Retirement Date:



English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Indonesian (Indonesia)

Exam Cost:

$165- may differ in various countries

Major Tips and Strategies to Prepare and Pass the PL:300 Exam

Don’t be intimidated by the PL-300 Exam- We Have Got You Covered

How smartly you study will influence your exam preparation and eventually your exam results. Sometimes candidates put in full effort but don’t pass the exam. Do not be stressed by the PL-300 exam; our experienced strategies and practice materials will help you pass with flying colors.

Make a Proper Study Plan

Before starting preparation, strategize a proper study plan. Make sure you are strict with that plan and implement it properly.

Review the Study Guide

Review the Microsoft Power BI Analysis: PL-300 exam study guide and get familiar with the exam format, skills measured, and study points. You can review the study guide from the official Microsoft website.  

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Optimize your Learning with Instructor-Led or Self-Paced Training

Microsoft offers two ways to prepare for the PL-300 exam. First is instructor-led training and the second is Self-paced. These two preparation methods validate the skills measured required in the exam. Which preparation method you choose depends on your pace and resources. 

PL-300 Instructor-led Training: This course covers the many methodologies and best practices for modelling, displaying, and analyzing data with Power BI that are by business and technical needs.

Self-paced: Self-paced training consists of a learning path that covers modules and skills measured according to your pace, aptitude level and requirements. Which study method you choose, make sure you thoroughly grasp and understand the following skills measured which made up the PL-300 exam. 

  • Prepare the data (25–30%) 
  • Model the data (25–30%) 
  • Visualize and analyze the data (25–30%) 
  • Deploy and maintain assets (15–20%)

Join Microsoft Community and Online Forums

There are many online resources available through which you can optimize your learning. Join the Microsoft community and other online forums to share best practices and get the most up-to-date Microsoft test information. You can seek guidance and help from professionals and experts in the Microsoft community and online forums.

Practice Study Points with Edurely Dumps

Last but not least, practice makes a man perfect. So, before appearing for the exam practice the study points or skills measure thoroughly. Edurely PL-300 dumps are crafted in a precise way. The content is so clear and understandable that you will get the concepts easily. Dumps are the collection of exact exam questions that will stimulate the actual exam scenario.

How exam dumps are helpful? Debunking the Misconceptions

Most of the candidates have the misconception that dumps are not helpful. It can be if you’re not using them from the real website. If you buy PL-300 dumps from Edurely, you will surely get benefits from it. It is the most reliable source for passing the exam. The exam dumps will help you understand the knowledge of the underlying concepts and skills measured. Moreover, these dumps are regularly updated so there is no chance of any obsolete exam questions. These exam questions will simulate the real exam environment, and by practicing them, you will be familiar with the exam style and how to manage your time when answering the questions in a real exam

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The passing score for the Microsoft Power BI Analysis PL-300 exam is 700 or greater.

By following the tips are strategies explained above, you can surely pass the PL-300 exam. 

  • Make a Proper Study Plan
  • Review the Study Guide 
  • Optimize your Learning with Instructor-Led or Self-Paced Training
  • Join Microsoft Community and Online Forums
  • Practice Study Points with Edurely Dumps

Usually, Microsoft associate-level exams are not much difficult. With proper study, you can pass the exam easily. Microsoft Power BI analysis exam will test your knowledge and technical skills in data preparation, data modelling, data visualization and analysis, and asset deployment and maintenance. If you will put in the continuous dedication and maximum study hours and prepare for the exam with reliable study resources, you will not find it difficult. Edurely PL-300 dumps are the finest resource for exam preparation and making the exam less difficult.

This certification is significant since it certifies that you understand how to manage reports and dashboards in Power BI. It also demonstrates your understanding of exchanging and distributing content, creating paginated reports, and publishing reports to a Power BI workspace. So, if you’re a data analyst or business user, you must obtain this certification and showcase cutting-edge skills as a Certified Microsoft Power BI analyst. 

A candidate may retake the examination just five times. If your second try fails, you must wait 14 days before scheduling your third attempt. A 14-day waiting period will also apply to the fourth and fifth attempts.

Your Power BI Data Analyst Associate certificate will be valid for a year after passing the PL-300 exam. To renew the certificate, the candidate must take a free online Microsoft renewal assessment six months before expiration. You can check your eligibility for renewal at Microsoft’s official website. 

The cost of the PL-300 exam is $165. The cost varies on your location and where the exam is proctored. To check the exam cost according to your region or country, go to the pricing of Microsoft certifications.

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