How to crack salesforce certification? Insider Secrets and Expert Tips to Pass the Exams

Salesforce is the most demanding CRM platform and Salesforce skills are among the most in-demand in the IT business, and with time its demand is mounting to the next level. Salesforce certification is an excellent way to advance your career by demonstrating your knowledge of one of today's most popular CRM platforms. Although these certifications are rewarding, it is also difficult to crack the Salesforce certifications. The blog will tell you primary study resources and some strategies to pass the Salesforce Certifications.

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Importance of Salesforce Certifications

The significance of Salesforce credentials stems from the fact that these credentials are the most rewarding as Salesforce is one of the industry’s leading CRM solutions. Its certificates are worldwide recognized and highly respected by companies. Salesforce certification is a wonderful way to gain professional knowledge and skills to advance your IT career. These certifications provide various job roles ranging from technical to marketing and sales. Moreover, these certifications are very lucrative and increase the individual’s credibility with clients and organizations. It shows a dedication to ongoing education and professional growth.

Understanding of Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce certification is a worldwide recognized certificate that allows you to implement Salesforce best practices and technology in your organizations. Salesforce provides 40 certifications to demonstrate your proficiency in various Salesforce jobs. Salesforce credentials are based on a six-role structure: 

  • Administrator
  • Architect
  • Developers
  • Marketer
  • Consultant
  • Designer

Types of Salesforce Certification

Salesforce Administrator

The salesforce administrator understands the salesforce administrator job function as well as how to interact with stakeholders to establish needs, configure the platform, and assist users in making the most of Salesforce

Salesforce Architect

Salesforce offers credentials for both technical and solution architects. Salesforce Certified Technical Architects (CTAs) address complex, large-scale client problems to create secure, scalable, and high-performance solutions that fully utilize the Salesforce Platform, whereas Salesforce Certified Solution Architects use the Salesforce Platform to power personalized, seamless customer experiences that optimize business performance.

Salesforce Developer

The Salesforce Developer credentials will help you advance your career as a Salesforce Developer by allowing you to use your programmatic and declarative skills to expand and improve Lightning platform apps.

Salesforce Marketing

These certifications assist applicants in learning and comprehending marketing initiatives aimed at connecting clients and providing successful services.

Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Consultants work with stakeholders to establish requirements, adjust the platform, and assist users in making the most of Salesforce.

Salesforce Designer

Salesforce Designers use the Salesforce Platform to address complex problems and develop ethical, egalitarian, and long-term solutions that benefit both businesses and communities.

The importance of choosing the right certification:

A certification that does not match your career and job role is not worth it, regardless of how fulfilling and sought-after the certification is. Choosing the right Salesforce certification is critical since it can help you progress your career and earn more money. It is important to select a certification that corresponds to your talents and career objectives. It is also vital to assess the certification’s demand in the job market and the possibility for career advancement. Furthermore, it is critical to fully prepare for the certification exam to ensure that you have the information and abilities required to pass the exam and get certified.

Preparing for Salesforce Certifications

How well you prepare for any certification exam will define how well you perform in the exam. Your preparation method will help you crack the Salesforce certification exam. For thorough preparation, one must follow these steps:

Understand the Exam Format

Before starting the study, one must be familiar with the exam format. Which Salesforce certification you may choose, learn about the exam format, details, required prerequisites, and exam objectives. This will help you to understand the type of exam questions and to prepare according to the exam pattern.

Create a Proper Study Plan

For detailed preparation, you must develop and proper study plan and implement it strictly. Devote proper study hours and set a target to achieve in one day.

Find Reliable Study Resources

The most important thing while preparing for Salesforce certification is to choose reliable study resources. You can prepare from various online as well as Salesforce official resources like Trailhead’s library. Salesforce provides training and various courses to help you learn the exam curriculum deeply and thoroughly. From the trailblazer community, you can ask different questions regarding any exam from experts and professionals. Moreover, you can also opt for exam dumps for better preparation and according to the exam format. Edurely offers the best Salesforce exam dumps to help you prepare for the actual exam.

Join Study Groups and Online Forums

Participating in study groups and online forums can help you prepare for the exam. Collaboration with other candidates might help you stay motivated while also clarifying complex ideas and benefiting from their experience. You will also receive the most recent exam updates and stay up to date on any new modifications or changes.

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Tips for Cracking Salesforce Certifications

Here are some tips that you should consider to crack any of the Salesforce certifications:

Understand the Exam Objectives

First of all, you should be well acquainted with the exam curriculum and what else you can expect on the exam. You should have a clear understanding of the exam domains and objectives.  For better learning, make sure you have revised the study points thoroughly.

Take Practice Exams

There are many practice exams you’ll find online. Trailhead also provides practice exams for chosen certifications. Practice exams will help you prepare according to the exam format and pattern. These practice exams are designed to replicate the real exam environment. Solving these practice exams in a calm environment will aid you in preparing for the actual exam.

Utilize Exam Dumps

Exam dumps are the best resource to practice the exam domains and get familiar with the exam curriculum instantly. But not all dumps are accurate and reliable, so be careful while relying on exam dumps. Edurely provides reliable, valid, legitimate, and the most refreshed Salesforce certification exam dumps to help you prepare comprehensively and enhance your chances of cracking the Salesforce certification exam.

Focus on Weak Areas

A frequent mistake that candidates make that could prove costly is not giving time to focus on their weak points. Practice tests are built for that purpose. These practice exams will indicate which exam objectives require more effort and attention.

Keep Calm and Confident during the Exam

Don’t be anxious while attempting the exam. Be confident and solve the exam calmly. Solving and practicing exam dumps will remove your all exam anxiety and increase your readiness level. So, the exam dumps are the best way to vanish exam anxiety.

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Post-Certification Benefits

Achieving Salesforce certifications has also many post benefits. Some of them are:

Professional Growth

Salesforce certifications demonstrate your knowledge of the platform in a variety of areas. You can broaden your skill set and develop in-depth knowledge of specific Salesforce functionalities by getting certifications. This, in turn, can lead to professional development and advancement.

Improved Job Opportunities and Lucrative Salary

Salesforce credentials will help you stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive employment environment. Employers are constantly on the lookout for competent experts that can assist them in making the most of their Salesforce investment. By obtaining certifications, you demonstrate that you have the necessary abilities and expertise.

Furthermore, Salesforce certifications might assist you in negotiating a greater salary and securing better employment chances. According to a Salesforce poll, certified professionals earn 22% more than non-certified colleagues. The average starting income for a Salesforce administrator is around US $100,750, with senior Salesforce administrators earning around US $128,000.

Networking Opportunities

Salesforce credentials might also aid in the growth of your professional network. Attending certification events, webinars, and other industry events allows you to network with other qualified professionals, learn from their experiences, and remain current on industry trends.

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Final Words

Salesforce certifications are no doubt one of the trendiest and most rewarding certifications. However, passing the salesforce certification exam is a hard nut to crack. Don’t worry, we get you covered. With our described preparation methods, study resources, tips, and strategies, you can easily crack the Salesforce certification.


Salesforce Admin certification is the easiest salesforce certification, however, it is definitely not easy to crack this. To pass and crack the Salesforce Admin certification, you should have good preparation methods and study resources. Passing this exam needs extensive study, so double-check before relying on some study resources. With Edurely Salesforce admin dumps your success is 100% guaranteed. These dumps made it easy for you to crack the Salesforce Admin exam.

While there is no official way to get free Salesforce certifications, there are some courses offered by Trailhead for free. Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, provides a diverse choice of courses and modules to help you prepare for certification examinations. For completing modules and expanding your knowledge and skills, you can earn badges. In short, you have to pay for certification to get it.

A Salesforce certification exam’s difficulty level might vary depending on the exam and your level of experience with the Salesforce platform. However, Salesforce certification examinations are often regarded as difficult and necessitate a deep mastery of the subject matter. To prepare for a Salesforce certification test, you should extensively review the exam materials and obtain hands-on experience with the Salesforce platform. You should also take exam dumps from Edurely to acquire a taste of the types of questions that will be on the actual exam.

If we conclude the answer in one line, Salesforce Certification requires typically takes 6 weeks to learn and pass it. However, the time required to prepare for a Salesforce certification varies on the individual’s experience, knowledge, and how well you’re acquainted with the exam pattern. If you are absolutely new to Salesforce, you must devote at least 10 hours each week and it takes 6 weeks to prepare for the Salesforce admin certification exam. However, if you have some previous experience, it might take less than 6 weeks or probably 4 weeks to learn any Salesforce certification exam.

No. The retake exam fee is half of the original exam fee. For instance, if the exam costs $200, the retake fee will be $100.

Although there are no limits to how many times you can take the exam, each Salesforce release cycle only allows for three attempts. Attempts will be reset at the start of the next release cycle. Consequently, the same exam can be taken three times in a single release cycle.

Salesforce certifications last one year. Your certification will expire after one year, and you will need to renew it to keep your certified status.

  • Salesforce Certified Associate Certification
  • Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification
  • Advanced Administrator Certification
  • Service Cloud Consultant Certification
  • Administrator Certification

Around 70% of salesforce certifications cost about $200. Some certificates may cost $400, while others, such as technical architects, may cost $6,000.

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