Track down the Cost and Demand of Enviable Splunk Certifications

Splunk Cloud Platform is a software used for Big Data Analytics that provides certifications to enhance Splunk-related skills. In this blog we will discusses the cost of All Splunk Certifications and whether they are worth it. Splunk Certifications can be the gateway to unlocking your career potential. Not only will they open doors for higher-level positions and increased salaries. Get ready to uncover the value and Cost of Splunk certifications in this comprehensive blog! From certification costs to what each one can do for you, we'll look closely at all available options.

This blog covers:

Splunk Certifications Cost

Every individual striving to earn a credential serves money, effort, and time. So let’s discover what you have to pay to get this credential.

1. Splunk Core Certified User

2. Splunk Core Certified Power User

3. Splunk Core Certified Advance Power User

4. Splunk Cloud Certified Admin

5. Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin

6. Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect

7. Splunk Core Certified Consultant

8. Splunk Certified Developer

9. Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin

10. Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin

11. Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer


Splunk Certifications are sought-after certifications to validate a professional’s Splunk-related skills. The platform has different levels of certifications including, entry-level, intermediate-level, professional-level, and expert-level. All of these Splunk certifications cost $130 and are highly worth taking. It’s up to you what credential to choose for a lucrative career ahead.


Splunk certifications are definitely worth the money and effort. Earning this certification act as a stepping-stone for your career advancement. These certifications validate your skills to help you land a remunerative job and highlight yourself in a competitive place. Moreover, it makes you learn new skills and knowledge. According to resources, Splunk-related skills will grow 28.9% in the coming decade.

Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect is the most paying Splunk credential. It is an expert-level cert that validates your technical skills to manage, deploy and troubleshoot Splunk Enterprise Environment.

Every Splunk certificate expires after three years of learning it. After 3 years you need to take a recertification exam in order to maintain the certification.

Learning skills to work on the Splunk platform and earning a certificate for these skills help you get higher salaries. It has been seen that a professional with entry-level skills in Splunk can make up to 72k $ annually.

To become a Splunk expert, you need to learn skills and earn certificates. Splunk provides a range of certifications related to different levels. Each certification requires one to pass a specific exam.  There are a plethora of sites that offer learning resources, and practice exams to clear these exams.

Yes, you can retake your exam after failing your first attempt. But you have to wait for 7 days before taking your second attempt. If anyone fails the second attempt, he should wait for 14 days before the third attempt.

Attaining new knowledge and expertise always leads to promotion and career advancement. Suppose you had Splunk Core Certified Power User certification and now you earn a new credential Splunk Core Certified Advance Power User. With advanced and updated skills your company will pay you more. You can also land other jobs with a high pay range.

With no prior knowledge, learning the Splunk basics can take up to 7 to 10 days. Whereas professional and expert-level skills always need time as well as hands-on experience.

One can reschedule an exam on Splunk 48 hours before the scheduled time. If you fail to do so, your payment will be forfeited and you will have to repay for rescheduling your exam.

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