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Best networking certifications

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Networking revolves around our technological lives, connecting millions of devices to the internet and ensuring smooth company communication. Since the world has advanced now and the sudden run-through demand for networks, achieving the best networking certifications can change everything if you’re interested in a career in information technology, specifically one that focuses on networks. However, choosing the “best” option can feel overwhelming when there are so many other choices. 

Are network certifications beneficial in 2024?

Without any doubt, network certifications are beneficial for people out there. earning any certification is worth it especially if it’s in networking the reason is that employees trust the vendors out there with certifications.  The hiring manager knows what a CCNP on your resume means; they know the effort and knowledge it took to pass the exam. 

Top 10 Best Networking Certifications for Beginners

Let’s have a look at the top best networking certifications for beginners in 2024:

1. CompTIA A+:

CompTIA A+ (Core 1, Core 2) is the best opportunity for establishing a career in IT.   The CompTIA A+ is a vendor-neutral certification that endorses your comprehension of computer software and hardware, as well as the fundamentals of networking. It serves as an excellent entry-level certification for those people who have never worked in IT before. This certification includes security, cloud computing, hardware, and mobile devices.

It is a good opportunity to kick start their career as professional networkers because it covers all the technologies that are required for networking.  You all must prepare for the A+ because it has two mandatory exams. 

Cost Of CompTIA A+ Exam

The cost of CompTIA A+ certification is $253 which includes both exams.

Exam Overview

Exam Code CompTIA A+ 220-1101 (Core 1) and 220-1102 (Core 2)
Exam CodeMultiple choice questions (single and multiple responses), drag and drops, and performance-based
No. Of Questions90 Questions per exam
Exam Duration90 minutes per exam
Passing score220-1101: 675 (on a scale of 900)
220-1102: 700 (on a scale of 900)

Major Exam Domains - Core 1


  • Mobile Devices 15%
  • Networking 20%
  •  Hardware 25% 
  •  Virtualization and Cloud Computing 11%  
  •  Hardware and Network Troubleshooting 29% 

Major Exam Domains - Core 2

  • Operating Systems 31% 
  •  Security 25%
  •  Software Troubleshooting 22%
  •   Operational Procedures 22% 


It requires 9 to 12 months of experience in any lab or field.

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2. CompTIA Network+

Talking about the A+, Network+ drives further into systems administration requirements. Design, implementation, troubleshooting, and security are all covered. This confirmation is an advanced stone to further develop networking careers. It usually covers the skills that help vendors. after you are done with Network+, your base for IT and networking will be precise.  This certification is a very tough and challenging certification of IT.

Cost of CompTIA Network+ exam

The cost of the CompTIA network+ exam is $369.

Exam overview

Exam CodeN10-009
Exam FormatMultiple-choice and performance-based
No. Of Questions A maximum of 90 questions
Exam Duration90 Minutes
Passing Score 720 (on a scale of 100-900)
Languages English initially, with Japanese, German, Portuguese, and Spanish to follow

Major exam domain

  • Networking Concepts 23%
  • Network Implementation 20%
  •  Network Operations 19%
  • Network Security 14%
  • Network Troubleshooting 24%


It is preferred to have experience of a minimum of 9–12 months in the IT networking field.

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3. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Talking about Cisco is an entry-level networking certification that helps you to prepare for networking roles in IT like network specialists, network engineers, etc. The CCNA consists of exams (200-300) which are challenging for which it is compulsory for you to get your preparation done.       

The primary responsibility of CCNA is to look after the networking equipment such as routers and switches. this certification includes several other services i.e. IP services, security fundamentals, automation, and programmability. People who study for the CCNA learn more about IT, networking, and network infrastructures than most people who learn in the first several years on the job.

Exam cost

The cost of the CCNA certification exam is $300

Exam overview

Exam Code 200-301 CCNA V1.0
Exam Formatmultiple choice, drag-and-drop
No. Of Questions 120 questions
Exam Duration120 minutes
Passing Score 825 (out of 1000 points)
Languages English, Japanese

Major exam domain

  • network fundamentals 20%
  • network access 20%
  • IP connectivity 25%
  • IP services 10%
  • security fundamentals 15%
  • automation and programmability 10%


CCNA is an asset to IT professionals of all experience levels, but learners often benefit from one or more years of experience implementing and administering Cisco solutions.

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4. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Enterprises:

 Coming towards CCNP, it authenticates the ability of a person to design, implement, and troubleshoot more complex network solutions. CCNP Enterprises is a professional-level certification that provides advanced skills in enterprise networking. Some advanced enterprise networking topics include implementing and optimizing advanced routing protocols, navigating VLANs, STPs, and multilayer solutions, incorporating wireless networking into new and existing enterprise environments, security, infrastructure design, and a heavy focus on automation and programmability. CCNP Enterprises require seven concentration exams.

Exam Cost

This exam cost like $400

Exam overview

Exam code350-401 ENCORE
Exam formatMultiple Choice Questions
No. of questions90-110
Exam duration120 minutes
Passing score825 (out of 1000)
LanguageEnglish, Japanese

Major exam domain:

  • Architecture 15%
  • Visualization 10%
  • Infrastructure 30%
  • Network assurance 10%
  • Security 20%
  • Automation 15%


There are no formal prerequisites but it is preferred for learners who often have three to five years of experience implementing enterprise network solutions.

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5. Juniper Networks Certified Specialist (JNCIS-ENT):

This certification is designed for experienced networking professionals with knowledge of Junos routing, switching, and competence with Juniper Networks technology. This certification is for experienced networking professionals at the beginner to intermediate level. The written exam verifies your basic understanding of routing and switching technologies and related platform configuration and troubleshooting skills.

Exam cost

the exam cost for this specific certification is $300

Exam overview

Exam codeJN0-351
Exam formatmultiple-choice questions
Exam duration90 minutes
No. of questions65 MCQS
Languages English

Major Exam Domain

  •  Layer 2 Switching or VLANs
  • Spanning tree
  • Layer 2 security
  • Protocol independent routing 
  • OSPF
  • IS-IS
  • BGP
  • Tunnels
  • High availability


No such prerequisites are required. 


It is another of Cisco’s professional-level certifications. The topics of the CCNP Data Center are highly focused on Cisco technologies such as the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco Nexus, and Cisco Storage Networking Solutions (DCSNS).

A person should have good skills of Cisco hardware, software, and configurations for good preparations in exams. This certification requires 2 exams, one is the core exam and the other one is the concentration exam.

Exam cost

The cost of this exam is $400.

Exam Overview

Exam code350-601 DCCOR
Exam formatQuestions Answers
Exam duration120-minute exam
Passing scoreGrading is pass/fail
LanguageEnglish, Japanese
No. of questions120

Major Exam Domain

  • Network 25%
  • Compute 25%
  • Storage network 20%
  • Automation 15%
  • Security 15%


No such prerequisites are required. 

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7. Certified Network Defender

certified network defender’s main role is to focus on creating network administrators whose job is to protect, detect, and respond to threats on any network related to their organizations. A CND will be given the knowledge of the constructed data transfer, network technologies, and software technologies, this will help them to understand how a network operates. Moreover, some more things will help you in networking i.e. network defense fundamentals, the application of network security controls, perimeter appliances, secure IDS, VPN and firewall configuration, analysis, vulnerability scanning ETC.

Exam Cost

The exam cost is $550.

Exam Overview

Exam code312-38
Exam formatmultiple forms (question bank)
Exam duration 4 hours
No. of questions100 questions
Passing score60-85%

Major Exam Domain

  • Network Attacks and Defense Strategies 
  • Administrative Network Security 
  • Technical Network Security 
  • Network Perimeter Security 
  • Endpoint Security-Windows Systems 
  • Endpoint Security-Linux Systems 
  • Endpoint Security- Mobile Devices 
  • Endpoint Security-IoT Devices 
  • Administrative Application Security 
  • Data Security Enterprise 
  • Virtual Network Security Enterprise 
  • Cloud Network Security 
  • Enterprise Wireless Network Security 
  • Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis 
  • Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis 
  • Incident Response and Forensic Investigations 
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 
  • Risk Anticipation with Risk Management 
  • Threat Assessment with Attack Surface Analysis 
  • Threat Prediction with Cyber Threat Intelligence


If the candidate is under the legal age as allowed by his country they won’t be allowed to attend the official training or sit in the certification exam unless they provide written consent of their parent or legal guardian to EC- Council and a supporting letter from their institution of higher learning.

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8. CompTIA Security

CompTIA Security helps you to polish your skills which further helps you to perform basic security functions. If you have an interest in becoming an IT security specialist, you can take more advanced security certifications. However, This certification includes encryption, physical security, and wireless security.

Exam Overview

Exam codeSY0-701
Exam formatMultiple-choice and performance-based
Exam duration90 minutes
No. of questionsmaximum 90
LanguageEnglish, with Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish
Passing score750 (on a scale of 100-900)

Exam cost

The exam cost is  $404

Exam Format

  • General Security Concepts 12%
  • Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Mitigations 22%
  •  Security Architecture 18%
  •  Security Operations 28%
  • Security Program Management and Oversight 20%


it requires experience of a minimum of 2 years in IT administration focusing on security. you need to have hands-on experience with technical information security as well as it is required to have a broad knowledge of security concepts. 

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9. GIAC Information Security Fundamentals (GISF)

The GISF is a fundamental security certification for cryptography, networking, cybersecurity etc. The certification is recommended by GIAC for people who are new to cybersecurity and want a basic introduction to the field. It is also recommended for people who can benefit from cybersecurity knowledge, such as system administrators and non-IT security managers. GISF certification holders will be able to demonstrate key concepts of information security including understanding the threats and risks to information and information resources and identifying best practices to protect them.

Exam cost

This exam cost like $979.

Exam overview

Exam format1 proctored exam
Exam duration2-3 hours
No. of questions75-79 Questions
Passing score70%

Major Exam Domain

  • Application Security
  • AAA and Access Controls
  • Computer Math
  • Cryptographic Algorithms and Attacks
  • Fundamentals of Cryptography
  • History of Cryptography
  • Network Addressing and Protocols
  • Network Attacks
  • Network Communication Fundamentals
  • Network Security Technology
  • Risk Management Principles and Security Policy
  • Systems Security
  • Wireless Security Technology


 There are no such requirements. 

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10. Google Cloud Digital Leader

A Cloud Digital Leader can be persuasive with the capabilities of core cloud products and services and understand how they benefit organizations. This certification is for anyone who wants to demonstrate their knowledge of cloud computing basics and how Google Cloud products and services can be used to achieve an organization’s goals.

Exam cost

The exam cost for this certification is $99

Exam Overview

Exam duration90 minutes
Exam formatMultiple choice, multi-select questions format
Language English
Passing score70%
No. of questions50-60

Major Exam Domain

  • Digital Exploring Data Transformation with Google Cloud 16% 
  • Transformation with Google Cloud 17%
  • Innovating with Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence 16% 
  • Modernize Infrastructure and Applications with Google Cloud 17% 
  • Trust and Security with Google Cloud 17%
  • Scaling with Google Cloud Operations 17%

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Best networking certifications for beginners

The best networking certification for beginners is mainly Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). It authenticates the ability of a person to design, implement, and troubleshoot more complex network solutions.

Useful tips for being a master in networking:

Being a master in networking requires plenty of tips some of which are as follows:

Getting involved

Make use of your knowledge by setting up a home lab, volunteering for IT projects, or completing an internship.

Build Networking

 Connect with other network engineers and IT pros online or at industry events. Sharing knowledge and experiences can boost your learning journey.

Salary comparison

CompTIA A+$63,909IT Support Specialist
Helpdesk Technician
Field Technician
Tier I Support Specialist
Desktop Support Specialist
Associate Network Engineer
Systems Support Technician
Junior Systems Administrator
CompTIA Network+ $73,938IT Support Technician
IT Support Manager
Network Administrator Systems
Administrator Data Center Technician
CCNA$66,802Technical support engineer
Network administrator
Data center technician.
IT security specialist
VoIP engineer
Information security analyst
Telecom engineer Wireless engineer
CCNP$111,081Third Line Support.
Network Engineer.
Infrastructure Engineer.
IT Team Leader.
Network Analyst.
VoIP Engineer.
Systems Engineer.
Advanced technician
JNCIS ENT $116,743Senior Network Engineer.
Senior Juniper Network Engineer.
Network Infrastructure Architect.
Data Center Engineer.
Juniper VMWare Resident Engineer.
CCNP DATA CENTER$147,461Network Engineer.
Network Administrator.
Senior Network Engineer.
Network Security Engineer.
Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineer.
Wireless Network Engineer.
Network Analyst.
Network Support Engineer
Certified network defender$139KNetwork Administrators
Network security Administrators
Network Security Engineer
Network Defense Technicians
CND Analyst Security
Analyst Security Operator Anyone who is involved in network operations
CompTIA Security+$71,689Cloud Penetration Tester
Network Security Operations Penetration Tester
Security Analyst
Web App Penetration Tester
Security Architect
GISF$97kPenetration Tester Information
Security Analyst Cryptography Engineer
Security Architect Incident Manager
Cybersecurity Engineer
Forensic Analyst
Security Administrator
Malware Analyst
Google Cloud digital leader$84,148Cloud Engineer
Cloud Developer
Network Engineer
Data Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Cloud DevOps Engineer
Google Cloud Digital Leader
Data Analyst

Importance of Networking Certifications

Network engineer certifications give an idea to employers that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to do your job effectively. It helps in increasing the credibility among your fellows. Professionals who have a Network+ certification have proved themselves to be conversant about IT networks and capable in solving network-related problems. They also must have a significant amount of technical experience.

Assets of obtaining the CompTIA Network+ certification

The benefits of CompTIA Network+ certification include:

1. Industry Identification

The CompTIA Network+ confirmation remains one of the head authorizations in the IT organizing area. It has one more confirmation as well as a generally acknowledged demonstration of systems administration standards and practices.

2. Foundational knowledge

From grasping imperative systems administration ideas to plunging profoundly into tasks, security, and investigating the Network+ confirmation sets out a strong groundwork. For those hoping to kick start their career in the systems administration world or grow their IT information base, the certificate fills in as a significant beginning stage.

3. Career opportunities

Holding a Network+ confirmation obviously helps one’s possibilities in the IT business. It makes you ready for jobs like organization chairman, network professional, or organization installer.

How to choose the right certification

A way to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in a particular field is through certification. They are frequently planned and perceived by industry specialists, and procuring a confirmation can exhibit your obligation to your calling. Certifications can demonstrate your commitment to ongoing education and advancement and boost your credibility. You must take into account your career objectives, industry trends, and the certification’s value to make the right choice.

1. Determine your career goals

Firstly you need to identify your career goals for selecting the right certification. For example, if you are interested in pursuing your career in project management, a project management professional certification would be required.

2. Analyze the value of certification

Considering the value of the certification, evaluate the cost of the certification, the time required to obtain it, and the potential return on investment. It is very compulsory to choose the certification which is being praised by people in your field.

Study tips for Networking certification

Your way of learning and preferences will decide the best method for studying for Network+. Most of the time, the best strategy is to use a combination of resources like video courses, written material, and practice tests.


 Certifications are a useful tool for navigating the dynamic field of networking, which provides exciting opportunities. Thus, pick your way wisely. It does not only broaden your knowledge but enhances your skills in specific certifications. Having certification in any of the fields gives your career a boost in short it brings in alot of opportunities and there is alot more upgradation in salary count. having certifications makes you competitive in the market and makes your resume stronger.


The highest certification in Networking in 2024 is CCIE. The CCIE is known for its testing and comprehensive coverage of networking topics. 

The CCNA and Network+ confirmations each have their own specific qualities that will engage various people. Most people agree that earning a CCNA will help you get a job whereas Network+ might be a better option for people who want to improve their knowledge before getting into more specialized areas like cyber security.

 Professionals can enjoy benefits such as increased job opportunities, skills enhancement, and the ability to work with various networks. 

Network certifications help you with career opportunities. 

The top choices include CCNA, CCNP, JNCIA, and CompTIA Network+. Certifications like CCNA, CompTIA Network+, JNCIA, and CCNP are considered good choices for individuals who are thinking about kick-starting their career in networking.

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