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About Huawei H12-261: HCIE-Routing & Switching Exam

The HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) (H12-261) includes a comprehensive and thorough understanding of large networks, including technologies used in complex large and medium-sized networks, and the ability to design various enterprise networks independently and implement those designs using Huawei routing and switching devices.

Knowledge to Learn

Interconnecting different networks and various routers and switches, resolving complex connection problems, using technical solutions to increase bandwidth, shortening the response time, improving performance to its maximum, enhancing security, and supporting global applications, Troubleshooting complex network faults.

Target Audience

ICT professionals or students are interested in data com network technologies.

Exam Details 

The HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) exam comes with the code H12-261. The format of the exam is Single choice, Multiple choice, and Judgments. The candidate will be given 90 minutes to complete the HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) (H12-261) exam. The passing marks for the exam are 600/1000. The fee for the HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) (H12-261) exam is 300 USD. Also, the Huawei exam is available in Chinese and English languages.


It is recommended that you learn HCIP-Routing & Switching in advance. Five years of relevant work experience is suggested.

HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) (H12-261) Course Outline

HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 exam covers Network Planning, Design, Implementation, Maintenance, Trouble-Shooting, Optimization, Cut-over, etc. Each question is derived from the body of knowledge. The following is the course outline for the HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) (H12-261) exam.

Topic 1: Layer 2 Technologies 

1.1 STP

1.1.1 STP (Huawei Documentation: STP)

1.1.2 RSTP (Huawei Documentation: STP/RSTP Configuration)

1.1.3 MSTP (Huawei Documentation: MSTP Configuration)

1.1.4 Loop guard (Huawei Documentation: Configuring Loop Protection on a Port)

1.1.5 Root guard

1.1.6 BPDU guard (Huawei Documentation: BPDU Protection)

1.1.7 TC-BPDU attack guard

1.2 VLAN

1.2.1 Access port (Huawei Documentation: Configuring a VLAN Based on Ports)

1.2.2 Trunk port

1.2.3 Hybrid port (Huawei Documentation: Hybrid Port)

1.2.4 QinQ (Huawei Documentation: QinQ Configuration)

1.2.5 Vlan Aggregation (Huawei Documentation: VLAN Aggregation Configuration)

1.2.6 Mux VLAN (Huawei Documentation: MUX VLAN Configuration)

1.2.7 Voice VLAN (Huawei Documentation: Voice VLAN Configuration)

1.3 Transparent bridge

1.3.1 Local Bridging (Huawei Documentation: Local Bridging)

1.3.2 Remote Bridging (Huawei Documentation: Remote Bridging)

1.3.3 Integrated Bridging and Routing (Huawei Documentation: Integrated Bridging and Routing)

1.3.4 VLAN ID Transparent Transmission (Huawei Documentation: VLAN ID Transparent Transmission)

1.4 Link Aggregation, Eth-Trunk and IP-Trunk, Load-balance, LACP

1.4.1 Link Aggregation (Huawei Documentation: Link Aggregation Configuration)

1.4.2 LACP (Huawei Documentation: LACP)

1.5 Ethernet technologies

1.5.1 Speed and duplex (Huawei Documentation: Configuring the Duplex Mode)

1.5.2 Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE

1.5.3 Auto MDI/MDIX (Huawei Documentation: Configuring the MDI Type)

1.5.4 Auto negotiation (Huawei Documentation: Configuring Auto-Negotiation)

1.5.5 Storm control (Huawei Documentation: Storm Control, Configuring Storm Control)

1.5.6 Unicast flooding control

1.6 Smart link (Huawei Documentation: Smart Link Configuration)

1.7 DLDP (Huawei Documentation: Overview of DLDP)

1.8 Switched Port Analyzer (port-mirroring) (Huawei Documentation: Mirroring)

1.9 CSS/iStack 

1.10 HDLC/IP-Trunk and PPP/MP  (Huawei Documentation: Configuring an IP-Trunk Interface, HDLC and IP-Trunk Configurations)

1.11 PPPoE  (Huawei Documentation: PPPoE Configuration)

Topic 2: IPv4/v6 Unicast 

2.1 IPv4 addressing, subnetting, and VLSM  (Huawei Documentation: Subnetting, IPv4)

2.2 IPv4 tunneling and GRE  (Huawei Documentation: Configure an IPv6 over IPv4 GRE Tunnel)

2.3 IPv6 addressing  (Huawei Documentation: IPv6 Addresses)

2.4 ICMPv6  (Huawei Documentation: ICMPv6)

2.5 IPv6 functionality protocols  (Huawei Documentation: Basic IPv6 Configuration)

2.6 Migration techniques

2.6.1 Tunnel techniques (Huawei Documentation: Configuring a Tunnel Interface)

2.6.2 Translation techniques

2.7 IPv4/v6 OSPF

2.7.1 Standard OSPF areas (Huawei Documentation: OSPF )

2.7.2 Stub area (Huawei Documentation: Configuring an OSPF Stub Area)

2.7.3 Totally stubby area

2.7.4 NSSA (Huawei Documentation: OSPF NSSA)

2.7.5 Totally NSSA

2.7.6 LSA types (Huawei Documentation: OSPF LSA Format)

2.7.7 Adjacency on a point-to-point and on a multi-access network

2.7.8 Virtual-Link (Huawei Documentation: OSPF Virtual Link)

2.7.9 LSA Filter (Huawei Documentation: ospf filter-lsa-out)

2.8 IPv4/v6 IS-IS

2.8.1 NSAP (Huawei Documentation: Basic Concepts of IS-IS)

2.8.2 IS-IS Link-state packets (Huawei Documentation: Basic Protocols of IS-IS)

2.8.3 IS-IS area type

2.8.4 IS-IS circuit type (Huawei Documentation: isis circuit-type)

2.8.5 IS-IS TLV (Huawei Documentation: IS-IS Wide Metric)

2.8.6 IS-IS DIS and Pseudo node (Huawei Documentation: Configuring IS-IS DIS Election)

2.8.7 IS-IS SPF

2.8.8 IS-IS LSP

2.8.9 IS-IS Metric (Huawei Documentation: IS-IS Wide Metric)

2.8.10 IS-IS Route Leaking (Huawei Documentation: IS-IS Route Leaking)

2.8.11 IS-IS MT (Huawei Documentation: IS-IS MT)

2.8.12 IS-IS Fast Convergence (Huawei Documentation: IS-IS Fast Convergence)

2.8.13 IS-IS LDP Synchronization (Huawei Documentation: Configuring LDP-IGP Synchronization)

2.8.14 IS-IS Authentication (Huawei Documentation: isis authentication-mode)

2.9 IPv4/v6 BGP

2.9.1 IBGP and EBGP (Huawei Documentation: Commissioning IBGP Routes)

2.9.2 BGP attributes (Huawei Documentation: Configuring BGP Route Attributes)

2.9.3 BGP synchronization (Huawei Documentation: OSPF-BGP Synchronization)

2.9.4 BGP routes Summarization (Huawei Documentation: Configuring BGP Route Summarization)

2.9.5 Route Dampening (Huawei Documentation: Route Dampening)

2.9.6 BGP route reflector (Huawei Documentation: Route Reflector)

2.9.7 BGP Community (Huawei Documentation: Community Attribute Applications in BGP)

2.9.8 BGP Peer Groups (Huawei Documentation: Configuring a BGP Peer Group)

2.9.9 BGP Security (Huawei Documentation: BGP Security)

2.9.10 Principles of Route Selection (Huawei Documentation: Routers and Routing Principles)

2.10 Route Control

2.10.1 Filtering (Huawei Documentation: Configuring a Route-Filter)

2.10.2 IP Prefix list (Huawei Documentation: IP Prefix List)

2.10.3 Route Import(redistribution)

2.10.4 Route policy (Huawei Documentation: Configuring a Route-Policy)

2.10.5 Summarization (Huawei Documentation: Configuring BGP Route Summarization)

2.10.6 Preference

2.10.7 Other advanced features

Topic 3: MPLS VPN 

3.1 MPLS

3.1.1 MPLS network component (P, PE, CE) (Huawei Documentation: Commissioning Multicast VPN)

3.1.2 MPLS label format (Huawei Documentation: MPLS Label)

3.1.3 MPLS label encapsulation

3.1.4 MPLS label stack

3.1.5 MPLS label operation

3.1.6 Forwarding Equivalence Class (Huawei Documentation: MPLS Label)

3.1.7 LDP (Huawei Documentation: MPLS LDP Configuration)

3.1.8 Label advisement model

3.1.9 MPLS LDP—Local Label Allocation Filtering

3.1.10 MPLS LDP Inbound/outbound Label Binding Filtering (Huawei Documentation: Outbound and Inbound LDP Policies)

3.2 MPLS Layer 3 VPN

3.2.1 MP-IBGP VPNv4 peering (Huawei Documentation: Configuring Route Reflection for BGP VPNv4 Routes)

3.2.2 VPN-instance (Huawei Documentation: Configuring a VPN Instance)

3.2.3 Route Distinguisher (Huawei Documentation: route-distinguisher)

3.2.4 Route Target (Huawei Documentation: Configuring a Route Target Set)

3.2.5 Route Target import/export

3.2.6 PE-CE–Dynamic Routes (Huawei Documentation: Configuring Route Exchange Between PE and CE Devices)

3.2.7 PE-CE–Static Routes

3.2.8 Redistributing PE-CE routes into VPNv4

3.3 Inter-AS MPLS BGP VPN (Huawei Documentation: Configuring Inter-AS BGP/MPLS IP VPN in Option C Mode)

Topic 4: IPv4/v6 Multicast

4.1.1 Multicast distribution tree (Huawei Documentation: Multicast Route Management (IPv4) Configuration)

4.1.2 Multicast forwarding (Huawei Documentation: Multicast Routing and Forwarding)

4.1.3 Multicast RPF (Huawei Documentation: RPF Check)

4.1.4 PIM sparse mode (Huawei Documentation: Configuring IPv4 PIM-SM)

4.1.5 IGMP/MLD (Huawei Documentation: Overview of MLD)

4.1.6 IGMP Snooping/MLD Snooping (Huawei Documentation: Overview of MLD Snooping)

4.1.7 PIM RP, and BSR (Huawei Documentation: Configuring a BSR RP)

4.1.8 Multicast tools, features, and source-specific multicast (Huawei Documentation: PIM-SM (SSM Model))

Topic 5: Network Security

5.1 Access lists  (Huawei Documentation: Access Control List)

5.2 uRPF  (Huawei Documentation: Overview of URPF)

5.3 IP Source Guard  (Huawei Documentation: IP Source Guard Configuration Commands)

5.4 AAA  (Huawei Documentation: AAA Configuration)

5.5 802.1x / NAC  (Huawei Documentation: 802.1X Authentication)

5.6 NAT

5.6.1 Static NAT/NAPT (Huawei Documentation: NAT)

5.6.2 Dynamic NAT/PAT

5.6.3 Easy IP (Huawei Documentation: Configuring Easy IP for NAT)

5.6.4 NAT Server

5.6.5 Twice NAT (Huawei Documentation: Configuring Twice NAT)

5.6.6 ALG (Huawei Documentation: NAT ALG)

5.6.7 NAT Mapping (Huawei Documentation: NAT Filtering and NAT Mapping)

5.7 Device access control (Huawei Documentation: Access Control List)

5.8 IPsec  (Huawei Documentation: Basic Concepts of IPSec)

5.9 Traffic Suppression  (Huawei Documentation: Traffic Suppression Configuration)

5.10 Local Attack Defense  (Huawei Documentation: Local Attack Defense)

5.11 IP Address Anti-spoofing  (Huawei Documentation: IP Address Anti-spoofing)

5.12 ARP Security  (Huawei Documentation: ARP Security Configuration)

5.13 DHCP Security (Huawei Documentation: DHCP Security)

Topic 6: QoS

6.1.1 Classification (Huawei Documentation: Quality of Service (QoS))

6.1.2 Traffic Policing (Huawei Documentation: Traffic Policing)

6.1.3 Traffic Shaping (Huawei Documentation: Traffic Shaping)

6.1.4 Congestion Avoidance (Huawei Documentation: Congestion Avoidance)

6.1.5 Congestion Management (Huawei Documentation: Congestion Management)

Topic 7: Network Management 

7.1.1 Syslog

7.1.2 IP Service Level Agreement SLA (Huawei Documentation: SLA Management)

7.1.3 NetStream (Huawei Documentation: Overview of NetStream)

7.1.4 NQA (Huawei Documentation: NQA Configuration)

7.1.5 SNMP (Huawei Documentation: SNMP)

7.1.6 FTP

7.1.7 Telnet (Huawei Documentation: Configuring Telnet Login, Telnet and SSH)

7.1.8 SSH (Huawei Documentation: Enabling the SSH Server Function, Telnet and SSH)

Topic 8: Features

8.1.1 VRRP (Huawei Documentation: Overview of VRRP)

8.1.2 VGMP

8.1.3 Interface Backup (Huawei Documentation: Interface Backup)

8.1.4 NTP (Huawei Documentation: NTP Configuration)

8.1.5 DHCP (Huawei Documentation: DHCP Configuration)

8.1.6 BFD (Huawei Documentation: BFD Configuration)

8.1.7 NSF/GR

8.1.8 NSR (Huawei Documentation: Overview of NSR)

Topic 9: SDN

9.1.1 Strategy of SDN/NFV

9.1.2 SDN architecture

9.1.3 VXLAN (Huawei Documentation: VXLAN)

9.1.4 EVPN (Huawei Documentation: EVPN Configuration)

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Exam Information

HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written)
$300 USD
600 (on a scale of 1000)
90 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Huawei certifications are globally recognized and are well-regarded in the IT industry. They are accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Huawei certifications are also recognized by major technology companies, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco

It depends on your goals and the type of certification. Huawei certifications are highly regarded in certain industries, especially in the telecommunications and networking fields. They offer certifications in areas such as wireless networking, internet of things, and cloud computing. So, if these areas are relevant to your career aspirations, then Huawei certifications could be a good fit for you.

The best part is that it is free, and students who successfully complete the course will receive a Huawei free certification. You have a fantastic opportunity to educate yourself and obtain certification from a reputable firm while sitting at home.

Huawei Certified ICT Expert (HCIE), Huawei’s highest level of ICT technical certification, is awarded to people who demonstrate especially strong expertise in ICT and rich experience in practice.

Huawei offers three levels of certification: Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA), Huawei Certified ICT Professional (HCIP), and Huawei Certified ICT Expert (HCIE). Huawei Certification Roadmap. Associate. Professional. Expert.

If you do not acquire re-certification within the validity term, your certificate will expire. You must pass the same exam that resulted in the previous certification in order to recertify.

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Huawei routing and switching is a suite of network management solutions that provide intelligent routing and switching capabilities to help enterprises build and manage high-performance, secure, and reliable networks. It includes products such as routers, switches, and firewalls that can be used to create a secure and efficient network infrastructure.

Yes, dumps from a reliable source like Edurely can be helpful for H12-261 certification preparation. They provide a good overview of the topics covered in the certification exam and can help you become familiar with the exam format and question types. Additionally, dumps questions can also provide good practice for time management during the exam.

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