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Java is one of the most demanding careers and widely used programming languages. If you want to build a career as a Java Developer, you must have strong foundational knowledge. Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer Certification is the best certification to take and enhance your foundational knowledge in Java. Getting this certification requires the IZ0-808 exam to pass and Edurely 1Z0-808 dumps will help you pass the exam with ease. 

Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer Certification


The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certification for Java SE 8 helps you develop a fundamental understanding of Java and obtaining this certification certificate is the first of two phases in demonstrating you have the high-level abilities required to become a professional Java developer.

Java SE 8 Programmer I (IZ0-808) Exam

The IZ0-808 is a required exam to get the Java SE 8 Programmer certification and a path to becoming a professional Developer. 

How you can get the Java SE 8 Programmer Certification

To become an Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer Certification, you have to fulfill certain requirements and pass certain exams. 

Step 1: Be ready for the OCA exam by taking basic and intermediate Java SE 8 classes and obtaining practical, hands-on experience.

Step 2: Take and pass the Java SE Programmer I certification exam (1Z0-808).

To become a Professional Java Developer, candidates must pass both the Java SE 8 Programmer I and Java SE 8 Programmer II examinations. 

Important Details for the IZ0-808 Exam

Exam Format

You must be aware of the latest exam format and updates to pass the exam. The exam consists of 56 questions to complete in 120 minutes. The exam questions will be multiple-choice questions.  

Passing Criteria

To pass the Java SE 8 Programmer I exam, you must obtain 65% marks. 

Exam Cost

The cost of the IZ0-808 exam is $245 in the US.

Exam Objectives

  • Java Basics 
  • Working with Java Data Types 
  • Using Operators and Decision Constructs 
  • Creating and Using Arrays 
  • Using Loop Constructs 
  • Working with Methods and Encapsulation 
  • Working with Inheritance 
  • Handling Exceptions 
  • Working with Selected classes from the Java API

The above is just the outline of the objectives, For more detail and complete objectives go to the official website.

How to prepare and pass the Java SE 8 Programmer I (IZ0-808) Exam

As you know, the Java SE 8 Programmer I exam is the required exam and the second step in achieving the Java OCA Java SE 8 Programmer certification. Candidates can get hands-on experience by taking Java SE 8 classes which are also the prerequisites. But how to prepare for and pass the IZ0-808 exam? The IZ0-808 exam needs a dedicated effort to prepare and pass it besides reliable prep material. Although Java SE 8 classes will provide you with practical experience and basic knowledge, you also need to get a detailed comprehension to answer the multiple-choice questions on the exam. For this purpose, Edurely made a set of IZ0-808 dumps that comprised exact exam questions. These exact exam questions are in the form of multiple-choice questions. All exam objectives are addressed in these actual exam questions, so you will not be confused with any of them and well-prepared for the exam. Our IZ0-808 test dumps also include full explanations of each objective, so you thoroughly understand the solution and conceptual context. This will help you to understand each objective deeply rather than merely memorize the multiple-choice questions. Once you practice and solve all these actual exam questions, your chances of passing the Java SE 8 Programmer I will increase up to 90% –  Guaranteed!

Are IZ0-808 Dumps Worth it?

Preparing for the IZ0-808 exam with the IZ0-808 is a wise move because it will make you pass the exam quickly and at a low cost. These dumps are worth it because it entitles you to pass the Java SE 8 Programmer I exam which leads you to become a professional Java developer. Let us explain to you, how our dumps are worth it. 

Dependable, Comprehensive, Latest Dumps for Thorough Preparation

With these dependable, comprehensive, and updated dumps, you can easily grasp the exam study points and build complete competency on the exam curriculum. These dumps are designed to help you get complete knowledge and understanding of the exam curriculum. 

Help you Gauge your Exam Preparation

Our IZ0-808 braindumps will help you evaluate your exam preparation. By practicing these exam questions, you will be familiar with the exam pattern and what type of questions you can get in a real exam. Moreover, you can also check how well you’re prepared for the exam with the latest IZ0-808 exam questions. Also, these dumps will suggest where are you lacking in preparation and where to put in more effort.

Intended to Replicate the Real Exam Environment  

The purpose of creating these actual exam questions is to prepare you according to the exam format and to replicate the real exam environment. Practicing these dumps beforehand in a calm environment will make you prepare just like the real exam and when you appear in the actual exam, you will find the majority of the questions are from these exact exam questions.

Crafted by Experts to Cater your Needs 

These dumps are best crafted by our professional Java developers and experts. These braindumps are made considering the average individual learning pace and ability. Moreover, these exam questions are checked and proofread several times to omit any mistakes and errors.

More Benefits of Using Edurely IZ0-808 Exam Material

  • 100% Success Guaranteed 
  • Best PDF Dumps with Quick Downloading Access
  • Privacy and Security 
  • Free PDF Tutorials of Dumps
  • Free IT Updates for 90 Days
  • Cost-Effective 
  • 100% Money Back Policy

Edurely offers the best and highest-quality Java SE 8 Programmer I dumps at affordable prices and with many more perks. So, what are you waiting for? Go and purchase your latest Java SE 8 Programmer I dumps now and GET SUCCEED WITH US!

Instant Download

After you purchase our IZ0-808 Certification Exam questions, you may download them immediately in PDF format. As a result, there will be no extended wait for you to get access. Our sales procedures are automated with minimal human involvement, allowing us to operate quickly and correctly.

Expert Verified

Edurely only sells the most updated and authentic IZ0-808 Certification Exam dumps, which are constantly being revised and include the correct answers with explanations. Our team of Oracle certifications experts keep a close eye on the content to provide you with the best exam experience possible. Once our IT specialists verify each question, they authenticate the responses to ensure accuracy. We want to show you proper solutions so our IT experts solve each problem-based question and provide its best answer for easy comprehension.

Money Back Guarantee

We always have our clients' best interests at heart. We take the future of our customers seriously, and we make sure that our IZ0-808 Certification Exam dumps help you pass the test. If you think that our IZ0-808 exam questions and answers were ineffective in assisting you pass the test paper, and you failed anyhow, we will give you a full 100% refund.

24/7 Live Chat

We provide brain dumps for a minimal cost. Our IT professionals will constantly be there to assists you. So, if you have any questions regarding brain dumps or the exam itself, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Real Exam Questions

Edurely provides real exam questions from actual tests to help you practice for your IT certifications. Our team of professional specialists double-checks each question for validity, ensuring that you receive the genuine questions from real exams for your chosen IT certification. Furthermore, we make sure that all of the questions have appropriate answers and explanations so that you can get the best IZ0-808 exam dumps with the greatest examination experience possible.

PDF Exam Dumps

The IZ0-808 Certification Exam is a great way to prepare for the IZ0-808 exam. Our PDF will help you study the topic and give you an idea of what to expect on the actual test.

Reasonable Price

At Edurely, we not only offer inexpensive information dumps, but we also believe in being good corporate citizens. We keep our prices low to make sure that knowledge is accessible to as many people as possible. Our Oracle exam Dumps are usually just $28 each.

Security and Privacy

Your security and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. To protect your payment information, we take additional measures such as using McAfee Security and 2Checkout.

Regular Updates

We give all of our clients with 90 days worth of free updates for IZ0-808 Certification Exam Dumps, and we are constantly working on updated content in order to provide the finest and most up-to-date Oracle Exam questions possible.

Exam Information

Java SE 8 Programmer I
$245 USD
70 Questions
150 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certification for Java SE 8 assists you in developing a fundamental understanding of Java. To get this certification, you have to pass the exams IZ0-808 exam. Moreover, obtaining this certification credential is the first of two steps in proving you have the strong abilities required to become a professional Java developer.

The Java SE 8 Programmer I exam consists of 56 questions.

Yes, this certification is worth it for individuals who are starting their careers as Java developers even if you are a junior developer just starting. Becoming Java certified and acknowledged is always beneficial to your profession, as it is the most used programming language. Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer certifications will open many opportunities in the competitive market and help you to get better positions among many candidates. Furthermore, it is proof that you have a solid foundation and understanding of Java.

The OCA Java SE 8 Programmer certification test is a difficult nut to crack; it necessitates a firm understanding of Java and OO fundamentals. You can develop perfectly functional Java programs and still fail this exam. So, for this, you have to build a strong knowledge and master the Java basics. Although it is an intermediate-level exam, it requires perfect and top-notch preparation to ace the exam. Considering this, Edurely provides the best exam material and IZ0-808 dumps for comprehensive and better preparation.

Pearson VUE’s online proctored exam option is designed specifically for this situation. It enables you to take the test at home and on your computer.

The cost of the IZ0-808 exam is approximately 10,000, according to a recent OCA certification price.

You have 2 hours to finish the exam. The passing grade for this exam is 65%.

Oracle Cloud Applications certificates are valid for 18 months from the day they are earned.

Java SE 8 programmer exam needs a focused study and a strict schedule to prepare and pass it. To pass the exam, you must follow these steps:

  • Understand the exam format
  • Use IZ0-808 exam study materials, online courses, and practice exam
  • Participate in study groups
  • Practice Edurely IZ0-808 Dumps

Java developers with Oracle skills can earn an average annual pay of $69,905, with a reported salary range of $47,409 to $117,227, according to recent statistics.

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