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Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

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 PL-300 Exam-Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

Passing Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst on First Attempt with Edurely’s Exam Dumps

Did you recently graduate, or are you just beginning out in your chosen field? Looking to become a Microsoft PL-300 certified professional? Your knowledge will expand greatly if you earn the Power BI Data Analyst Associate PL-300 credential. And if you have been working as a professional for a while and have a good track record, Power BI Data Analyst Associate PL-300 certification can help you move up in your company.

However, there will be a lot of work and preparation involved in being PL-300 certified. So, if you want to do well in the exam, you should work hard and practice more. Edurely gives you the best study guides and exam dumps to help you in the preparation for the Power BI Data Analyst Associate PL-300 exam.

Try our premium PDF dumps, which are always being monitored by experts and will help you pass your exam on the first try.

Edurely Dumps Help You to Prepare for the PL-300 Exam Despite Your Busy Schedule

Prepare for your PL-300 exam using the right strategies and well-organized study materials. Boost your study efforts by arming yourself with in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge, creative exam questions provided by Edurely.

You may feel confident in your preparation with the help of the PL 300 exam dumps, which are created using real exam information gathered from reliable, authentic sources. Utilize the unique Microsoft PL-300 pdf dumps and organize your preparation in accordance with the plan.

You can also save it on your tablets and phones and use it to study for the real test when you have more time or energy.

Microsoft’s New PL-300 Exam: An Overview

For data analysts that utilize Power BI to optimize the utilization of a company’s resources, the PL-300 is created. The PL-300 syllabus ensures that all needs are met, including creating scalable data models, transforming cleaned data, and using more advanced skills. The vast syllabus topics test all necessary skills and force you to have a thorough comprehension of the pertinent ideas.

Edurely has created exam dumps that include all of the exam questions pertinent to the syllabus in order to satisfy all of the requirements for the PL-300 exam. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the candidate, these exam questions are addressed while keeping their validity and necessary detail. 

Who Is the Ideal Candidate?

The Power BI data analyst certification takes into account every factor, including the candidate’s capacity to make use of the data at hand and their subject-matter expertise. The Power BI data analyst is in charge of transforming and cleaning the relevant data, creating a Power BI model, and working with stakeholders to meet the objectives and business needs. 

With the aid of simple-to-understand data visualizations, self-service analytics, and the design of solutions for consumption, he further increases the business value. Therefore, knowledge of Power Query and DAX is required for the exam.

Key Topics of the Microsoft’s PL-300 Exam

Microsoft has offered a thorough list of the characteristics that will be evaluated in the form of syllabus materials. The following table lists the syllabus’s topics and domains along with the weights assigned to each.

Prepare the Data – (15% – 20%)

Get data from different data source

  • Identifying and connecting with a data source
  • Changing the data source settings accordingly
  • Selecting a shared dataset
  • Creating a local dataset
  • Selecting respective storage mode
  • Use of Microsoft Dataverse
  • Changing the value in a parameter
  • Connection with a data flow

Clean, transform and load the data

  • Profiling of the data
  • Resolving the corresponding inconsistencies, unexpected values and various data quality issues
  • Identifying and creating appropriate keys for joining
  • Evaluation and transformation of column data types
  • Shaping and transforming tables
  • Combining queries
  • Configuration of data loading
  • Resolving data import errors

Model the Data – (30% – 35%)

This domain of the PL-300 exam has further four subdomains as follows.

     Designing a data model

  • Designing a model consists of the following sub-domains.
  • Defining the tables
  • Configuration of table and column properties
  • Designing and implementing role-playing dimensions
  • Defining a relationship’s cardinality
  • Defining a cross-filter direction
  • Designing a data model that uses a star scheme
  • Creation of a common date table

    Develop a data model

  • It contains the following contents.
  • Creation of calculated tables
  • Creation of hierarchies
  • Creating calculated columns
  • Implementation of relevant row-level security roles
  • Use of the Q&A feature

    Create model calculations by using DAX

  • This domain contains the following contents
  • Creation of basic measures with the help of DAX
  • Use of CALCULATE to manipulate filters
  • Implementing the Time Intelligence with the help of DAX
  • Replacing the implicit measures with explicit measures
  • Use of basic statistical functions
  • Creation of semi-additive measures
  • Using quick measures

    Optimize model performance

  • It consists of the following syllabus contents
  • Removing the unnecessary rows and columns
  • Identifying the poorly performing measures, relationships, and corresponding visuals
  • Reduction of cardinality levels to improve performance

Visualize and Analyze the Data – (25% – 30%)

It is divided into four parts depending upon the relevancy of the skills and concepts.

    Creating reports

  • Creating reports has the following syllabus contents.
  • Adding the relevant visualization items into reports
  • Choosing relevant visualization type
  • Formatting the visualizations
  • Configuration of visualizations
  • Using a custom visual
  • Customizing and applying the theme
  • Configuration of conditional formatting
  • Application of slicing and filtering
  • Configuring the report page
  • Use of “Analyze” in Excel feature
  • Deciding when to use a paginated report

    Creating dashboards

  • It has the following contents.
  • manage tiles on a dashboard
  • configure mobile view
  • use the Q&A feature
  • add a Quick Insights result to a dashboard
  • apply a dashboard theme
  • pin a live report page to a dashboard

    Enhance reports for usability and storytelling

        This part is further divided extensively into the following skills.

  • Configuration of bookmarks
  • Creation of custom tooltips
  • Editing and configuring interactions between various visuals
  • Configuration of navigation for a report
  • Application of sorting
  • Configuration of Sync Slicers
  • Grouping and layering visuals by using the selection pane
  • Drilldown into data with the help of interactive visuals
  • Exporting the report data
  • Designing of reports for mobile devices

    Identify patterns and trends

        It further has the following contents

  • Use of the Analyze feature in Power BI
  • Identifying outliers
  • Choosing between continuous and categorical axes
  • Use of groupings, binning, and clustering
  • Use of AI visuals
  • Use of the Forecast feature
  • Creating reference lines with the help of the Analytics pane

Deploy and Maintain Assets – (20% – 25%)

“Deploy and Maintain Assets” is divided into two subdomains as follows.

    Manage files and dataset

        It consists of the following skills.

  • Identification of the scenario when a gateway is required
  • Configuration of a dataset scheduled refresh
  • Configuration of row-level security group membership
  • Provision of access to datasets
  • Managing the global options for respective files

    Manage workspaces

        It further consists of the following skills.

  • Creation and configuration of a workspace
  • Assigning the corresponding workspace roles
  • Configuring and updating a workspace app
  • Publishing, importing or updating the assets in a workspace
  • Application of sensitivity labels to workspace content
  • Configuration of subscriptions and data alerts
  • promoting or certifying the Power BI content

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Exam Information

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
$165 USD
Approximately 40-60
700 (on a scale of 1000)
180 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Dumps are test preparation materials that assist you in passing an exam in a short amount of time and with minimal effort. Using Edurely exam Dumps, you can pass your difficult certification exam in a week.

Using braindumps is not cheating. These are typically used as study aids, and they let you to preview the types of questions that can be asked on a certification exam.

Edurely is the only source for real and authentic Dumps in 2024. All of our materials are up to date and sufficient for passing the test on the first try. All of our exam dumps come with extensive explanations and have been verified by industry professionals.

If you are looking for PL-300 exam prep material then you are at the right place because Edurely offers you authentic and updated PL-300 exam dumps. These exam dumps are prepared by the experts and hence guarantee the success of candidates in the PL-300 exam.

As Power BI Data Analyst Associate Certification incorporates all the skills and expertise of data analysts of today’s world, it can be forecasted that it will have high demand in near future.

The PL-300 is a tough exam with its detailed syllabus. But Edurely has made it easy for candidates to prepare for the exam even before the launch of the exam. So now prepare for the real and authentic PL-300 exam dumps from Edurely and pass the exam on the first attempt.

A candidate can only take the test again five times. If you don’t pass on your second try, you’ll have to wait 14 days before you can try again. There will also be a 14-day wait between the fourth and fifth tries.

The same knowledge is covered by both. The change from DA 100 to PL-300 appears to be primarily superficial i.e., minor title change, some tweaking of the weightings, and a tightening of the skills outline.

Microsoft certification exams are typically hard, so it’s important to study well before taking them. You’ll have to put in a lot of work to prepare for the PL-300 Exam if you want to succeed in it. 

Start preparing for the exam by making a study plan, outlining the material you need to cover, highlighting key points, watching relevant videos, reading about the experiences of individuals who have already passed, and then practicing with a reliable resource.

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