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Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer (Spring ’24)Exam


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What is Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer?

The basics of the main programming principles, essential files, and programming languages for Salesforce B2C Commerce are the primary emphasis of the (CCD-101) course. People who already have worked as developers for Salesforce B2C Commerce Digital are the target audience for the Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer certification.

Perks from B2C Commerce Developer

This course is designed for developers who wish to show their knowledge and abilities in developing an e-commerce solution utilizing B2C Commerce, including but not limited to the following solutions:

  • Putting into action and using the Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA).
  • Adding functionality to a website that can be reused by creating cartridges.
  • Developing a site’s business logic via the creation, use, and modification of JavaScript controllers.
  • Developing code that may be reused by using ISML templates.
  • Utilizing a tool like Content Slots or Page Designer may help enhance the look of a website while also increasing its adaptability.
  • Utilizing the Forms Framework to exercise control over the validation, displaying, and saving of data focused on the end-user.
  • Utilizing the B2C Commerce APIs to make modifications to the site’s business logic.
  • Making use of jobs to develop batch processing on either system or user-defined objects.
  • Utilizing the Open Commerce Application Programming Interface (OCAPI) to tailor business logic.
  • Integrating with third-party systems using synchronous and asynchronous techniques for B2C commerce, depending on what is required by the company at any given time.
  • Developing new code and customizing existing websites. To guarantee that existing websites can grow while maintaining their ideal level of performance.
  • Using the necessary tools to diagnose problems with the coding or configuration of a site. To optimize its speed and improve its overall functionality.

The Eligibility Requirement for B2C Commerce Developer Exam

It is suggested that a Salesforce B2C Commerce Development have one year of previous developer experience in addition to three to six months of previous experience working in a job related to B2C Commerce Development.

Candidates for the position of Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer may be responsible for the following job roles:

  • Can become a Front End Developer.
  • Developer who works throughout the stack.
  • Developer of computer software Worth becoming a Java or JavaScript Programmer.
  • Programmer of web application code.
  • Engineers who provide support

B2C Commerce Developer Exam Outline 2024:

Hereunder is how the test outline has been constructed for the one you are taking:

B2C Commerce Setup: 11%

  • Configuring an integrated development environment (IDE) to utilize WebDAV to deliver modules to the appropriate version directories requires a sandbox setting.
  • If you have a sandbox account and certain data import files, you may use the Business Manager Import/Export modules to import the files.
  • If you have the code for a storefront site, you need to enter the cartridge names in the right order to the cartridge path that has been supplied.
  • Using the Company Manager, create a new site to the instance when you are provided with a sandbox environment.
  • Be sure to configure the default currency and taxation type so that they meet the needs of your business.
  • Given a newly developed business-to-consumer website, allocate the storefront data settings following the needs of the company.

Work with a B2C Site: 12%

  • A duty assigned to the Business Manager requires you to deal with the product data model to administer goods and a search model. And deal with their classification and the stock and pricing books linked with them.
  • Employing Business Manager to finish out storefront orders after receiving a setup for duties. Collecting shipping and payment information is recommended.
  • Use Business Manager to deal with Streaming Content, Pages Developer, Contents Modules, and Contents Directories when you are given a setup assignment to complete.

Data Management Using Business Manager Usage: 24%

  • Adjust the site’s search choices and settings so that users may search for a particular phrase or product characteristic; when presented with a business necessity for doing so.
  • Build and set up advanced search refinements and ranking criteria that may be utilized on the storefront. This will be based on a business need that has been provided.
  • Setup the monitoring categories and retrieve the records in the Business Manager based on a debugging need or code.
  • The storefront should be extended so that a new attribute may be exposed on an existing system object type based on the business needs.
  • Given the requirement of the company to store custom data, decide whether or not a custom object is necessary. Then develop and configure it according to the needs of the business.
  • Utilize the appropriate tools to evaluate the performance of the code, and decide and apply remedies (cache settings, profilers, etc.). And hence increase performance when a performance problem is present and data is available.
  • You are provided with a specification and a sandbox instance; use these to specify the OCAPI permissions for the Data and Shop APIs.
  • Recognize how different service configurations may be used at different stages of the development process.

Application Development: 53%

  • If you are tasked with developing anything, you should write ISML templates that make use of functionalities. That can be local include and remote include, components, and several other ISML tags.
  • When troubleshooting scripts and controllers, as well as verifying the results, use the best practices and approaches for debugging.
  • If you are given a need, you should construct and enhance the functionality of a JavaScript controller.
  • This controller should render a template or deliver a JSON response using models, decorators, factories, or helpers following API best practices, and it should do it using JavaScript.
  • Develop page types and components that, when combined with a specified business need and design for a new marketing page. Make it possible for a marketer to construct the page using the Page Designer tool.
  • Modify the design of a form, add validation, and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection. Utilize bindings to process fields in response to a need to accept, verify, and persist information from a storefront customer.
  • Implementing and improving templates, form definitions, static files, properties files, and permanent object attributes are necessary steps to take to guarantee that web pages are rendered in the desired language when localization criteria are met.
  • Write code that, given a logging job and the configuration that is already in place, logs non-sensitive data to specialized log files using a variety of log levels.
  • Integrate, deploy, and make use of a service instance per the specifications provided.
  • If you have a use case, you may utilize hook extension points to either enhance functionality or catch an event.
  • If you are given code that does not adhere to the best-defined practices, you need to discover the problems and then fix the code. So that it does adhere to the best practices, which should include performance and scalability.
  • Utilize the OCAPI Shop and Data APIs to provide interoperability with an external system, given the requirements of the company.
  • Given a demand from the company to carry out a task at a certain time, build tasks and write job scripts.

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Q/A for Salesforce CCD-101 Exam-2022

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Exam Information

Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer
USD 200
USD 100
60 MCQ and Selection Questions and 5 non-scored questions
105 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

The Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer credential is for individuals who have previous experience developing full-stack solutions for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital.

More than 50 nations have more than 1,000 websites that use Salesforce B2C Commerce and thousands more are using it. Salesforce CRM is just as successful for B2C organizations as it is for B2B companies. Customer and company data is continually captured, analyzed, and reported on via Salesforce’s cloud-based platform, which works on any platform or device.

Given that Salesforce is primarily designed around a B2B infrastructure rather than a B2C one, it has certain specificities. It has Accounts to represent a Business and Contacts to represent people, both in terms of its B2C customers, its B2B clients, partners, vendors, staff members or any other purpose. Both approaches (B2B and B2C) may be implemented in one Salesforce installation.

B2C enterprises are those that sell goods to consumers over the internet. Amazon, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Walmart are examples of B2C firms.

The basics of the main programming principles, essential files, and programming languages for Salesforce B2C Commerce are the primary emphasis of the (CCD-101) course. People who already have worked as developers for Salesforce B2C Commerce Digital are the target audience for the Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer certification.

65% is the passing score for Salesforce B2C Commerce Developer exam. 

Edurely is the best site to get the most recent CCD-101 exam dumps. The Edurely CCD-101 test dumps from Edurely cover every topic on the exam curriculum. Experts review and certify the PDF dumps, so you can be certain that you’re getting the most up-to-date information.

Those candidates are the intended audience for the position of Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer who may be responsible for the following job roles:

  • Can be a Front End Developer.
  • Developer who works throughout the stack.
  • Developer of computer software Worth becoming a Java or JavaScript Programmer.
  • Programmer of web application code.
  • Engineers who provide support

To take the test, you must have one year of development experience plus three to six months in a B2C Commerce Developer capacity, however, this is not a must.

These tips will help you pass the CCD-101 exam on the first attempt.

  • The B2C Commerce Developer Study material provided by Edurely may be consulted for help. Now and again, take a test to assess how much you’ve retained.
  • You may locate related videos on YouTube and Google by searching for the topic.
  • See if you can find some inspiration in last year’s publications.
  • Educate yourself by learning from experts.
  • Enroll in a test preparation course to improve your chances of passing.

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