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What is Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer?

Those who have previous expertise designing configuration, pricing, and quote apps for the Salesforce Communication, Media, and Energy & Utilities Clouds are ideal candidates for the Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer certificate. Learn from Salesforce pros and utilize the Salesforce community to your advantage.

Perks of Industries CPQ Developer

1- It is possible to fully automate the process of configuring, pricing, and creating quotes.

Salesforce Industries CPQ developer uses intelligent rules and filters to guarantee that the goods you pick for a quotation are relevant to your customer’s requirements. It’s also possible to view their pricing and establish a custom price. With just a few clicks, you can create a quotation PDF that includes all of the product and pricing information.

2- Makes it easier to quickly generate quotations.

It is crucial that the estimate be offered to customers as soon as possible when they reach the point of discussion or sale in order to keep their interest. You can only ensure that the data will be available on time and without mistakes if you configure this tool correctly.

3- Automatic renewal of subscriptions is provided.

An administrator may use Salesforce CPQ rules to keep track of items used in a contract but is subjected to a subscription time limit. Contracts may be automatically renewed before the expiration date thanks to this feature.

4- To cash a quotation, standardization is accomplished via the use of a single platform.

If your organization uses Salesforce CPQ and the Salesforce Billing add-on, you have complete control over your quotes and payments. The salesperson uses Salesforce CPQ to publish a quotation after completion. After that, you establish a record of this demand by utilizing Salesforce Billing, then you continue to produce the invoices, you get the money, and you finish the revenue recognition system.

5- It’s powerful, but simple-to-use, tool.

As a result, they adapt quickly to the company’s demands and provide results quickly.

The Required Skills for Industries CPQ Developer

Industry CPQ Developer candidates have the abilities and expertise listed below.

  • Be familiar with the CPQ entities and capabilities of Industries.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the cart and all of its features.
  • Be familiar with the basics of opportunity, quotation, multi-site quoting, and ordering.
  • Develop your goods and marketing campaigns with the use of object type hierarchies, cardinality, attributes, and inheritance.
  • Construct and troubleshoot a price and a price strategy.
  • Identify, create, and fix issues with complex and context-specific rule sets.
  • Industry CPQ protocols and applications are well-known.
  • There must be a basic understanding of the Industries CPQ API operations and how to utilize them.
  • Use Industries CPQ tasks for cache administration and design/testing where appropriate.
  • Learn the fundamentals of moving catalog data and metadata across organizations.
  • Organizational and catalog mastering strategy basics.

Specific Job Roles – a Target Audience

The candidate should have a minimum of one year of expertise with Industries CPQ as well as 3 to 6 months of program management expertise with Industries CPQ in one or more of the following roles:

  • Programmer for the Salesforce Platform and Builder for the Salesforce App.
  • Architect of the Solution Support Engineer, often known as a Technical Architect.

Exam Outline for Industries CPQ Developer 2024:

The Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer test evaluates a student based on their knowledge and abilities in relation to the following goals, as well as their ability to show how they have used each of the features and functionalities listed below.

Products: 20%

  • Determine the necessary configuration ideas for the product and the product bundles.
  • Determine the ideas that must be known in configuring object type hierarchies.
  • Determine the necessary configuration ideas for the characteristics.
  • Find out what the ramifications are of the different configurations a product may have.

Promotions and Discounts: 7%

  • Determine the ideas that must be used to configure the promos.
  • Determine the necessary ideas in order to set discounts.
  • Identify the right times to take advantage of promotions and/or discounts.
  • Please describe the capabilities of formula fields as well as the use cases that call for their use.

Pricing: 17%

  • Determine the essential ideas needed to construct price.
  • Determine the ideas that must be understood in order to establish attribute-based pricing.
  • Define the process of adjusting prices.
  • Figure out which forms of pricing to use and when you should use them.
  • Determine the principles that must be considered in order to produce a cost and a margin.

Rules: 12%

  • Determine the necessary ideas in order to construct the context rules.
  • Determine the essential ideas needed to construct more complex rules.
  • Determine the principles that must be considered while developing product configuration methods.
  • Determine the kind of rule to apply and when it should be applied.

APIs: 12%

  • Discover if you should utilize APIs based on carts or APIs based on digital commerce.
  • Determine the differences between the API methods and parameters that are based on carts, then explain how to utilize them.
  • Learn the differences between the techniques and parameters of the APIs for digital commerce, as well as how to utilize them.
  • Determine the essential ideas needed to construct product catalogs.

Ordering and Quoting: 12%

  • Describe what it’s like to utilize the cart as a customer.
  • Identify principles necessary to configure multi-site quotation.
  • Determine the ideas that must be known in order to build the fundamental configurations needed for ordering and quotation.
  • Explain precisely the asset based ordering system (ABO).

Troubleshooting: 20%

  • Fix issues with the product, price, the regulations governing promotions and discounts, and so forth.
  • Analyze and fix issues with API requests, answers, and parameters.

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Exam Information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals with experience developing configure, price, and quote applications for Salesforce Communications, Media, or Energy & Utilities Clouds may pursue the Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer credential.

Salesforce offers a supervised test that leads to the CPQ Developer Certification for Salesforce. Kryterion provides proctoring for the test, which may be conducted either remotely or in person. The certification test consists of 60 various questions with 105 minutes to complete. 63 percent is the passing mark.

Passing the Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer exam is not simple. Given its reputation, the test is typically quite tough. It is easier to pass the examination if you have access to the proper tools. Edurely is giving you the proper tools for your exam preparation in the form of exam dumps.

Features & Advantages of the Best CPQ Software:

  • Setups that may be seen in 3D.
  • New and Improved Rules Engine
  • CPQ Solution for the Cloud and on the Go.
  • Automatic pricing and quoting.
  • Selling with the assistance of a sales consultant.
  • Adaptation to ERP/CRM platforms.

Edurely s the best exam dumps providing site for Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer just as it is providing exam dumps for Salesforce CPQ Specialist. 

A product is a quotation that may include products that can be purchased by the consumer.

Navigate to a New Chance. Select New Quote. Layout and preconfigured field values (Account, Opportunity, etc.) should be checked to make sure they are correct. Save your Quote when you’ve finished creating it.

In the world of business, the acronym CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote, a software tool that helps sales teams deliver accurate product selections and costs.

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