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What is Salesforce OmniStudio Developer Certification?

Candidates who are knowledgeable, skilled, and share the expertise necessary to create cloud applications with the use of OmniStudio declarative development tools are the target audience for the Salesforce OmniStudio Developer certificate.

The Certified OmniStudio Developer has the ability to create and configure applications by making use of the many OmniStudio tools, such as “FlexCards, OmniScripts, Integration Procedures, DataRaptors, Calculation Procedures, and Matrices, and Industry Consoles”.

Salesforce OmniStudio Developer Exam Details 2024:

The Outline of the exam details are listed below.

  • Name of Exam: Salesforce OmniStudio Developer
  • Vendor: Salesforce
  • Language: English
  • Code of Exam: OmniStudio Developer
  • Questions Type: MCQs plus 5 unscored
  • Certification Name: Salesforce OmniStudio Developer
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Material Format: PDF & Web Practice Test Software
  • Exam Fee: USD 200
  • Passing: 68% 
  • Time: 105 Minutes 

Intended Audience for Salesforce OmniStudio Developer

Candidates seeking Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer certification want to show that they know how to use OmniStudio tools to configure apps.

At least 1 year of expertise and 3 to 6 months of expertise functioning with OmniStudio tools in one or more of the positions listed below are required for a Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer candidate.

  • Developer for the Salesforce Platform and Builder for the Salesforce App.
  • Architect of the Solution Developer of user interfaces and technical architects.

Skills Required for OmniStudio Developer Certification

The applicant for the position of OmniStudio Developer possesses the experience, abilities, and expertise that are detailed below.

  • Proficiency with the many stages of the Salesforce project cycle, from production to validation, as well as an understanding of the environments that are accessible.
  • Utilizing the IDX tool, migrate the configuration and components of the system.
  • Capable of constructing business processes using out-of-the-box configurations utilizing the OmniStudio tools.
  • Having familiarity with the Industry Process Library’s pre-configured script components and how to utilize them (IPL).
  • Creates test data that may be used to verify the functionality or behavior of the component.
  • Clearly understands when to make use of declarative vs programmatic approaches.
  • Can make use of the tools provided by OmniStudio to construct customized business processes.
  • Develop the Industry Process Library (IPL) further and expand upon its foundation depending on the needs of individual businesses.
  • Use the debugging tools included inside OmniStudio to effectively troubleshoot any issues that arise.
  • Working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, the three main components of an interactive web application.

OmniStudio Developer Certification Exam Course Outline

Applicant performance on the Salesforce OmniStudio Developer test is evaluated based on their ability to perform the following tasks.

The ideal applicant will have worked with OmniStudio tools in the past and be able to explain how they’ve been put to use in real-world situations.

Flex Cards: 15%

  • Learn the exact card style, data sources, fields, and actions to set up cards and card states based on the criteria that have been provided.
  • Employ the ideas needed to construct the JSON data format that the FlexCards architecture requires.
  • When you have a list of functional needs, you should match these requirements to the capabilities of the FlexCards framework.

OmniScripts: 20%

  • If you have a single scenario, compare and contrast the different parts and their configurations to determine which ones will fulfill the requirements using OmniScripts.
  • Show that you have a good knowledge of the data format used by JSON that is used by OmniScripts.
  • Having been provided with a list of functional requirements, choose the OmniScripts components and common attributes that will allow you to fulfill the criteria.

Integration Procedures: 17%

  • If a scenario is provided, an Integration Procedure should be used to compare and contrast the different pieces and their configurations. In order to determine which ones will satisfy the requirements.
  • Determine which pieces of the Integration Procedure have common qualities and choose those based on the set of functional criteria that have been provided.

Data Raptors: 20%

  • Determine which DataRaptor should be used in order to fulfill a requirement.
  • Evaluate whichever DataRaptor Extract features are required for the use case that has been provided.
  • Identify whichever DataRaptor Load features are required for the use case at hand.
  • Identify whichever DataRaptor Transform capability is required for the use case that has been provided.
  • Identify whichever DataRaptor Turbo Extract feature is required for a specific use case.

Calculation Procedures & Matrices: 8%

  • Show that you understand how a calculation matrix works by demonstrating your knowledge.
  • Show that you have a solid grasp of the inner workings of a Calculation Procedure.

Integrated Troubleshooting and Deployment: 20%

  • Identify the reason for an issue in the OmniStudio tools based on the circumstances provided.
  • Identify the location of the data flow bottleneck based on the customer problem that has been provided.

OmniStudio-Developer Exam Questions and Pdf Dumps

It is essential that you master the Certified OmniStudio Developer main themes while studying for the OmniStudio-Developer Exam Question. Before taking an OmniStudio-Developer practice exam online, you need study OmniStudio-Developer PDF dumps and brain dumps. For free test lessons and excellent OmniStudio-Developer free guides, you may utilize the internet throughout this time period.

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Why Edurely?

The benefits of choosing Edurely are listed:

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Exam Information

Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer
USD 200
USD 100
60 MCQ and Selection Questions and 5 non-scored questions
105 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

The Certified OmniStudio Developer is able to use OmniStudio tools, such as FlexCards, OmniScripts, Integration Procedures, DataRaptors, Calculation Procedures and Matrices, and Industry Consoles to design and build applications.

67% is passing score for the Salesforce OmniStudio developer exam. To pass, you must obtain at least 41 correct answers out of 60, which translates to a maximum of 19 mistakes!

OmniStudio developer should be able to create and setup applications utilizing OmniStudio tools, such as Flexcards, OmniScripts, integration procedures and DataRaptors. You should also be able to do calculations and generate reports using OmniStudio.

Edurely s the best exam dumps providing site for Salesforce OmniStudio Developer just as it is providing exam dumps for Salesforce CPQ Specialist. 

Vlocity (also known as OmniStudio) is a drag-and-drop tool that allows customers to build business-specific processes with only a few clicks instead of writing custom code. With the aid of built-in tools, Vlocity also enables us to connect with other applications and share data.

The Vlocity certification is only available on the official site of Vlocity Certification, and it cannot be obtained or acquired elsewhere. Salesforce Vlocity is the first product in the industry to help many major and young businesses achieve their objectives with its Omnichannel procedures. The OmniScripts language is used by Vlocity, which is available on the Salesforce platform, to enhance CPQ and guided selling. Vlocity also improves knowledge of healthcare, insurance, and other subjects.

It takes 67 percent to pass the Salesforce OmniStudio Developer Certification exam, which consists of 60 multiple-choice and multiple-selection questions. It means you need rigorous practice in order to clear this exam. Apparently looking hard exam can be cleared with the help of Edurely’s exam dumps. Because you’ll get exam questions identical to real exam. Which will prepare you mentally what kind of questions you can emancipate in the real exam. 

Vlocity does not need any formal education. Anyone can understand Salesforce Vlocity without difficulty, even those with no prior knowledge of coding, thanks to the existence of a no-code platform.

It typically takes around 6 weeks to complete the Salesforce Certified certification course. However, the time required for a Salesforce certification depends on experience level and learning capacity. Some learn it in just two weeks while others may take up to 6 months. But with Edurely its make easy to get Salesforce OmniStudio Developer Certification. 

Become a student intern. Salesforce or SFDC basics. SQL and associated database principles are taught in this course. JavaScript and associated frameworks expertise. Salesforce is used for small tasks. Highly developed abilities in problem-solving and analytical thinking. Extremely good coding abilities.

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