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Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (PDII) (Spring 24) Exam

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Salesforce Platform Developer II

After becoming a Salesforce Platform Developer II certified an individual becomes capable of designing, developing, testing, and deploying programmatic solutions that adhere to design standards and object-oriented programming principles.

Intended Audience for Salesforce Platform Developer II

  • This certification is designed for developers who have worked with the Lightning Platform and have shown mastery of the knowledge and abilities outlined in the following test objectives.
  • About 2-4 years of expertise as a developer along with 1-year of hands-on practice on the Lightening Platform are generally required for this certification exam.

Skills Required from Intended Audience

Marketing terminology and best practices are well-known to Salesforce Platform Developer II certification holders, who have the expertise and experience to:

  • Comprehends the fundamentals and methodologies of Salesforce data modeling, user interface, code developer, and validation, and can implement them in real growth scenarios.
  • Is competent to leverage descriptive and programmable elements of the Lightning Platform to satisfy unique industry hurdles needs to prolong the platform.
  • Capable of writing Apex code that can handle huge data sets and is well versed in platform behavior, constraints, and performance concerns.
  • Salesforce data may be displayed and interacted with utilizing bespoke user interfaces built with tools like the Lightning Component Framework, sophisticated Visualforce, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Can tune Visualforce pages and understand the performance implications of controller design.
  • Web and Salesforce security issues are understood and addressed using best practices.
  • Able to use declarative and programmatic tools to create and implement complicated sharing structures.
  • The capacity to develop and conduct a test strategy that provides appropriate quality to create bespoke apps, and is well-versed in deployment tools.
  • Using Apex SOAP and REST web services along with Apex SOAP and REST calls, you’ll be able to do just about everything.
  • You should familiarize yourself with and put to use asynchronous programming techniques such as queuing and batching as well as @future
  • Error and exception management strategies may be used in a variety of programming settings.
  • Apply these principles for the creation and reuse of triggers, design patterns, and other types of business logic.
  • Understands how to use Quick Actions and Lightning Components on a Lightning page.

Salesforce Platform Developer II Exam Pre-requisites

There are a Salesforce Platform Developer 2 Requirements that you need before you start with the exam. Salesforce Platform Developer II certification applicants need to have a Salesforce Platform Developer I credential. This will act as a base for your next certification. Also, you will be able to get the best out of Salesforce Platform Developer II.

Course Outline PD II

The following areas are covered in the second Salesforce Platform Developer course:

Salesforce Fundamentals: 5%

  • An example case situation should be used to examine the consequences of implementing foundation items such as cooperation and history objects and metadata objects.
  • Choose between declarative and custom-coded solutions when faced with a problem statement or specification.
  • The ability to exhibit an understanding of the characteristics and abilities of localization and how they affect code is required.

Data Modeling and Management: 6%

  • Evaluate and explain the usage of Apex controlled sharing in a given situation.
  • Discuss the advantages and uses of exogenous IDs in the context of instances.
  • Explain the utilization scenarios for various kinds of customized metadata and custom settings and the methods that may be implemented to meet those needs.

Logic and Process Automation: 20%

  • Determine the factors that the affect relationship between the various operations, especially declarative and programmatic, given a situation.
  • Lightning Web Components may utilize an Apex technique if it is made accessible to them.
  • Suggest and explain the best programmatic or declarative solution for a given case.
  • Write Apex triggers by best practices.
  • For error management and transaction integrity, describe Apex features.
  • You should identify and describe the usage of keywords in a SOQL query.
  • Identify the advantages of asynchronous Apex code by analyzing a set of requirements.
  • Determine which dynamic Apex feature should be used in the solution based on the given situation and needs.

User Interface: 19%

  • Determine whether the Apex controller class needs to be modified based on the Lightning Web Component or Aura Component’s specifications and code snippets.
  • How can actions, partial page refreshes, and asynchronous processes be performed using Visualforce?
  • Identify best practices for presenting failures in the user interface in the context of a particular situation.
  • Determine the best Lightning Web Component, Aura Component, or Visualforce solution based on a set of criteria and explain the advantages of each.
  • Discover what modifications to a Lightning Web Component or Aura Component bundle are required based on the resource’s requirements and code snippets.
  • Lightning Web Resources and Aura Resources may be used to make a component’s HTML display responsively depending on the device’s form factor, therefore demonstrating how these components can be utilized in a particular case.
  • Use Lightning Web Components or Aura Components to convey events based on a particular circumstance.
  • Explain that declarative configuration may be used to show a Lightning Web Component or Aura Component in a modal dialog in the context of a specific case.
  • Explain the function and value of stationary sources in Visualforce, Lightning Web Components, and Aura Components.

Performance: 16%

  • Define and show understanding of typical performance concerns that affect user interfaces, as well as approaches and tools for addressing them.
  • Select the best logic and query structure for a given case to get the most performance out of the application and manage enormous amounts of data.
  • Evaluate a particular case and identify how an asynchronous callout might increase performance.
  • Decide which situations call for the usage of reusable code and how it should be implemented. Prove the opportunity to identify and fix inconsistencies in a given sample of code.

Integration: 15%

  • Algorithmic approaches and platform characteristics may be used for internal communication based on a set of criteria.
  • External communication may be enhanced using programmatic approaches and platform characteristics.
  • Determine the best integration method for a given set of specifications.
  • Use Exterior IDs for data integration; explain the methods and advantages.

Testing: 14%

  • Test Apex objects and triggers using techniques and tools.
  • Use testing approaches and tools for evaluating Visualforce controls and controller extensions.
  • A case or Apex testing that is not executing as anticipated may be isolated and identified using approaches and tools.

Debug and Deployment Tools: 5%

  • Employ methods and solutions to separate and diagnose the faults in a case, Apex code, or trigger which is not operating as planned.
  • Describe a situation and then develop the deployment method, tools, and processes.
  • To fix mistakes, analyze a given circumstance or piece of JavaScript code and apply best practice principles.

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Exam Information

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II
USD 200
USD 100
60 MCQ and Selection Questions and 5 non-scored questions
120 minutes
Salesforce Platform Developer I credential

Frequently Asked Questions

The Salesforce Platform Developer I credential is for people who have prior experience creating and deploying basic business logic and user interfaces using the programmatic capabilities of Lightning. This exam covers these major topics, each accounting for a certain percentage of the test.

A certification for platform developers, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II, is available for individuals who wish to show their expertise and knowledge in advanced programmatic capabilities of the Lightning Platform and data modeling.

You can get best dumps for Salesforce developer II exam from Edurely. Edurely is providing best pdf exam dumps for all kinds of IT certifications.

The Trailhead super badges are a great place to start if you’re preparing for the Platform Developer II test. This is the greatest approach to learning since you will be doing the exercises in the necessary courses. Before a person sits down to take a multiple-choice test, one must have completed the first three super badges. Here Edurely can also help you in achieving your desired result. 

What at first seems like an impossible task may be accomplished with a little hard work and dedication. Believe me when we say it’s a challenge, but it’s doable with a little help from the Salesforce community. No exam is easy but easy for only those who put a lot of effort during their preparation. You can also use braindumps provided by Edurely for Salesforce certification exam. 

The passing score for Salesforce Developer II exam is 70%

It generally takes around 6 weeks to complete a Salesforce Certified course. However, the time it takes to study for a Salesforce certification is determined by one’s experience level and learning ability. Salesforce dumps given at Edurely will make you able to ace your exam in shortest possible time.

Salesforce strives to make its testing procedure as easy as feasible for the expert. Salesforce Developer Certification examinations may be taken anywhere in the world thanks to online registration and a variety of testing centers.

USD 200

The Developer II exam is also $200, and there are 60 multiple-choice questions.

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