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Platform Developer I (PDI) (Spring 24) Exam

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What is a Platform Developer and Benefits of Salesforce PD I Certification?

Development, configuration, and deployment of location-based services (LBS), social networking, and large data computation (big data) are all responsibilities of platform developers/engineers. They enhance overall performance, less time spent on development, the potential to use predefined parts, and an architectural style that is driven by events.

The Salesforce Platform Developer I credential is for individuals who have expertise, skills, and experience developing unique applications on the Lightning Platform. This credential covers the fundamental programmatic capabilities of the Lightning Platform to create custom business logic and interfaces for extending Salesforce using Apex, Visualforce, and basic Lightning Components. To obtain this credential, a candidate must pass the Salesforce Platform Developer I certification examination. This test is also required to take the Salesforce Platform Developer II Multiple Choice exam.

Salesforce PD I Exam Prerequisite

The Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification will undoubtedly help you advance in your profession. But you must have the necessary expertise, abilities, and knowledge in the following areas:

  • An object-oriented programming language expert who has worked with the likes of Apex, JavaScript, C#, and Ruby.
  • Has worked with database systems and data-driven applications.
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) and component-based architectures were implemented.
  • Has a thorough understanding of the Salesforce schema’s basic objects.
  • Formulation fields and roll-up summation fields may be used in a variety of ways.
  • Using the platform’s declarative capabilities, if applicable, he or she is well versed. Ought to be knowledgeable of the difference between declarative and programmatic approaches.
  • Uses the Lightning Process Builder instead of an Apex trigger where appropriate.
  • Has a fundamental understanding of how the Lightning framework works.
  • Custom interfaces and business logic may be developed using the Lightning Platform’s core programming features.
  • Apex, Visualforce, and basic Lightning Components may be used to enhance the Lightning Platform.
  • Has a thorough understanding of the whole software development process, from development to testing, as well as an understanding of the many environments accessible.

That the applicant will not be required to administrate any regular Salesforce applications, create mobile apps, create and publish managed products on the AppExchange, or tune or construct interfaces such as API and email services is one of the nicest parts of the job!

Salesforce Platform Developer I Exam Details 2024:

  • You will be tested on your knowledge of Salesforce Platform Developer 1 by taking a multiple-choice/multiple-select examination.
  • Each of the exam’s 60 questions has a time limit of 105 minutes. Furthermore, the passing mark for the test is 65%.
  • Additional fees for a retake of the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification are USD 100 plus relevant taxes as required by law.

 Salesforce PD I Course Outline

Salesforce Platform Developer Course covers the following domains:

1. Salesforce Fundamentals: 7%

  • It is important to understand how to deal with multi-tenant development.
  • Also use declarative and programmatic tools to construct apps utilizing design frameworks like MVC architecture and Aura Framework.
  • Identify typical usage cases for declarative vs programmatic adaptations in the context of a certain situation.

2. Data Modeling and Management: 13%

  • Determine, construct, and access the right data model, which includes objects, fields, and relationships, based on a set of criteria.
  • Describe the different connection types and custom IDs, and how they affect access and creation of records.
  • When transiting data into development environments, explain the various choices and concerns.
  • Describe how algorithm fields and wrap summary fields may be used.

3. Process Automation and Logic: 38%

  • Describe the declarative process automation features’ capabilities.
  • Set up Apex variables and constants as well as method modifiers and interfaces.
  • Apex control flow statements may be used in a certain situation.
  • Create an Apex scenario and implement it using Apex classes and interfaces.
  • Write Apex SOSL, SOQL, and DML statements based on a given circumstance.
  • Following recommended practices, imagine a use case and develop Apex classes and triggers.
  • Calculate the impact of governor constraints on Apex transactions given a hypothetical circumstance.
  • Describe the link between Apex transactions, the save order of execution, and the possibility of recursion and/or cascading.
  • Using Apex, provides exception management, including custom exceptions if necessary.
  • Programmatic methods may be used to prevent security flaws from occurring.
  • Use declarative functionality with Apex to automate business logic in a given situation.
  • Determine the proper publish/subscribe logic for platform events based on a given circumstance.

4. User Interface: 25%

  • Using a Visualforce page and the relevant controllers or extensions, show or edit Salesforce data as required in a given situation.
  • In what ways may Visualforce pages make use of different kinds of online content?
  • Lightning Platform apps may now include Visualforce pages.
  • Lightning Components and their advantages are explained.
  • A Lightning web component may hold a variety of different sorts of material.
  • The goal here is to protect the user interface and data from potential security threats.
  • Custom user interface components, such as Lightning Components, Visual Flow, and Visualforce, may be shown and used in any given circumstance.
  • Give examples of how Lightning component events and application events are put to use in certain use scenarios.
  • Demonstrate how Apex works with different sorts of page components, such as Lightning Components and Visual Flow to determine what the Next Best Actions are in a given user interface.

5. Testing, Debugging, and Deployment: 17%

  • Use a variety of test data sources to create and run tests on triggers, controllers, classes, flow diagrams, and process flows.
  • Distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of using Apex in anonymous code execution vs unit testing.
  • When and how to utilize Salesforce Developer tools like CLI and Developer Console are explained.
  • Demonstrate how to troubleshoot system problems and keep track of various processes, flows, and synchronous and asynchronous tasks, for example.
  • A description of the environments, needs, and methods for deploying code and its related settings is needed.

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Exam Information

Salesforce Platform Developer 1
USD 200
USD 100
60 MCQ and Selection Questions and 5 non-scored questions
105 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Development, configuration, and deployment of location-based services (LBS), social networking, and large data computation (big data) are all responsibilities of platform developers/engineers.

The PD 1 credential covers the basic programmatic features of the Lightning Platform, allowing you to create custom business logic and interfaces to extend Salesforce using Apex and Visualforce. To obtain the credential, a candidate must pass the PD 1 certification exam.

Among the subjects covered by Platform Developer 1 are those listed below:

  • The first one is Salesforce Fundamentals which covers only 7% of the exam course.
  • Second comes Data Modelling and Management which covers 13% of the exam course.
  • Third is the Logic and Process Automation which appear as like maximum of 40% of the exam course.
  • Then comes the User Interface module which is 23% of the exam course.
  • Lastly, Testing, debugging, and Deployment Tools that has 17% of the exam course.

A Salesforce Developer’s Roadmap: 7 Steps to Success

  1. Be an Effective Salesforce Administrator.
  2. Make Salesforce Yours by Adding a Face to the System: Use Salesforce to manage your life.
  3. Examine and complete the Platform Developer (PDI) proficiency test.
  4. Get certified as a Scrum Master.
  5. Join the developer community group for your area of Salesforce.
  6. Sign up for the Salesforce Stack Exchange forum.
  7. You need to find an expert in your field to help you.

The passing mark is 68%, implying you must achieve at least 41 right answers out of 60 to pass.

Yes. The practice pdf exam dumps by Edurely are updated on a regular basis to provide the most up-to-date information to test takers at all times.

You can find Salesforce certification exam dumps on Edurely

Getting a Salesforce Certified developer credential isn’t that difficult, especially when you consider the numerous perks that come with holding the credential. Many students were able to pass the test with a score of more than 80% after just six months of diligent study from Euderly’s PDF Dumps.

The Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification exam is a 60-item multiple-choice/multiple-select test with a passing score of 68 percent. It covers a wide range of platform, declarative, and programmatic topics. You can do your preparation for this exam with the help of Edurely’s provided best brain dumps which will give you an idea of the questions that can be asked during the exam.

The average Salesforce salary ranges from approximately $40,000 per year to $200,000+ per year.

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