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UiPath RPA Associate v1.0 Exam (UiRPA)


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This UiRPA exam tests your hands-on expertise and knowledge of problem-solving, process identification, and creating simple automation solutions with UiPath platform components such as UiPath Studio, Robots, and Orchestrator. UiRPA is the major step for professionals who wish to build and assess their knowledge and skills to become Advanced RPA Developers, Solution Architects, or RPA Architects.

Edurely provides excellent exam dumps for the UiRPA exam. The questions are original and answered appropriately. The questions are taken from past papers which means that you have a greater chance of passing the exam with higher success. We offer PDF formats of the exams so that you can easily save and download the exams. Avail Edurely UiRPA exam dumps and enjoy a money-back guarantee. 

Exam Overview 

  • Exam Name: UiRPA exam  
  • Exam code: UiPath-RPAv1
  • Number of questions: 60 questions 
  • Exam time: 90 minutes 
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Exam cost: $150.00
  • Level: Specialty 

Target Audience Of UIRPA Exam

  • Junior RPA Developers 
  • RPA Developers 
  • Solution Architects 
  • Business Analysts 
  • System Administrators 
  • College/University Students and/or Graduates 
  • UiPath and Partner Employees in roles such as Pre-Sales, Services, Support, etc

Exam Outline 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Fundamentals 
  • Describe the processes suitable for automation and the processes executed with the different robot types; for example, attended versus unattended 
  • Explain the functionality and interactions of UiPath products; Studio, Orchestrator, and Assistant
UiPath Studio Overview 
  • Explain the debug functions and how they are used; for example, using Breakpoints 
  • Identify how to manage dependencies 
  • Understand the significance of connecting an automation project to a version control solution 
UiPath Studio – Variables and Arguments
  • Describe the different variables’ types, how they are used, managed, and the best practice for using the variable scope 
  • Describe the functions and differences between variables and arguments; including how arguments are used, managed, and best practices 
UiPath Studio – Classic Selectors 
  • Identify and describe how dynamic versus static selectors are used 
  • Identify and describe how partial versus full selectors are used 
  • Identify and describe how and when to use the Anchor Base activity 
  • Demonstrate and describe the use of a reliable selector and how to use UI Explorer to modify selectors 
UiPath Studio – Control Flow 
  • Describe the functionality of the Control Flow activities (for example: If, Switch, While, Do While, For Each, etc.) and workflow types 
  • Explain how to use Control Flow activities and workflow types (sequences and flowcharts) 
  • Explain the importance of error handling and how it can be implemented 
UiPath Studio – Data Manipulation 
  • Describe the importance and reasons why data manipulation is used; for example, conversion from one data type to another data type 
  • Explain how strings can be manipulated; for example, by using VB string methods and RegEx Builder 
  • Explain how to iterate and manipulate data on various collections; for example, lists, datatables, dictionaries 
UiPath Automation Concepts and Techniques 
  • Identify and explain how e-mail automation is used
  • Identify and describe Microsoft Excel functions and how Excel activities are used for spreadsheet manipulation 
  • Describe the functions used to extract data from a .pdf file; for example, reading native text or using OCR 
UiPath Orchestrator Overview 
  • Identify and describe how UiPath Orchestrator queues and assets are used 
  • Identify and explain how to publish projects to UiPath Orchestrator

What Are The Prerequisites To Take The UIRPA Exam?

There are no prerequisites to take the exam. However, there are a few recommendations for taking the exam. 3-6 months of RPA experience can be useful in preparing for the course. 

What Is The Pathway To Get UIRPA Certification?

To earn the UiPath-RPAv1 certification, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Study the exam guide for the UiPath-RPAv1 exam. Take an overview of the exam course and  
  2. Learn the course. You can avail the courses available on the UiPath Academy. 
  3. Practice your concepts to make sure that you can have an idea about your preparation gaps. 
  4. Schedule your exam. 
  5. Once you pass your exam, you are eligible to get your certification. 

Why Edurely Dumps Are A Great Pick?

Following are a few great characteristics of the Edurely dumps which make them a great pick. 

Original questions 

Edurely provides 100% original questions taken from real certification exams. Almost 80% of the questions are similar to those that may appear in the real exam questions. The answers are well-elaborated to give you a clear idea of the concepts used in the exam.

Regular Updates 

The questions are updated regularly so that you can get the latest prep material. Updated material is needed for good exam practice. We send a notification to let you know about the exam changes and updates. Three months of free updates are provided to you free of cost. 

Affordable pricing 

The price of the exam dumps is affordable as compared to the other dump sites. We make sure that the dumps are available easily to all the candidates who wish to prepare for the UiRPA exam

Customer support 

Our customer support team offers 24/7 support. We ensure that you get the most reliable consumer experience. If you have any issues regarding the dumps, their content, their delivery, or any other technical issue, feel free to contact us. 

Key Traits of Edurely Dumps
  • In-detail Answers
  • PDF file
  • No Hassle Downloads
  • 100% Success Guarantee
  • Frequent updates with free Access
  • Preparation in a minimum of 7-days
  • Authentic Exam Questions
  • Expert Verified Answers
  • No Mistakes
  • Free Demo 
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Affordable Price
  • Money Back Offer
  • Secure Privacy

Instant Download

After you purchase our UiPath-RPAv1 Certification Exam questions, you may download them immediately in PDF format. As a result, there will be no extended wait for you to get access. Our sales procedures are automated with minimal human involvement, allowing us to operate quickly and correctly.

Expert Verified

Edurely only sells the most updated and authentic UiPath-RPAv1Certification Exam dumps, which are constantly being revised and include the correct answers with explanations. Our team of UiPath certifications experts keep a close eye on the content to provide you with the best exam experience possible. Once our IT specialists verify each question, they authenticate the responses to ensure accuracy. We want to show you proper solutions so our IT experts solve each problem-based question and provide its best answer for easy comprehension.

Money Back Guarantee

We always have our clients' best interests at heart. We take the future of our customers seriously, and we make sure that our UiPath-RPAv1Certification Exam dumps help you pass the test. If you think that our UiPath-RPAv1 exam questions and answers were ineffective in assisting you pass the test paper, and you failed anyhow, we will give you a full 100% refund.

24/7 Live Chat

We provide brain dumps for a minimal cost. Our IT professionals will constantly be there to assists you. So, if you have any questions regarding brain dumps or the exam itself, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Real Exam Questions

Edurely provides real exam questions from actual tests to help you practice for your IT certifications. Our team of professional specialists double-checks each question for validity, ensuring that you receive the genuine questions from real exams for your chosen IT certification. Furthermore, we make sure that all of the questions have appropriate answers and explanations so that you can get the best UiPath-RPAv1 exam dumps with the greatest examination experience possible.

PDF Exam Dumps

The UiPath-RPAv1 Certification Exam is a great way to prepare for the UiPath-RPAv1 exam. Our PDF will help you study the topic and give you an idea of what to expect on the actual test.

Reasonable Price

At Edurely, we not only offer inexpensive information dumps, but we also believe in being good corporate citizens. We keep our prices low to make sure that knowledge is accessible to as many people as possible. Our UiPath-RPAv1 exam Dumps are usually just $28 each.

Security and Privacy

Your security and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. To protect your payment information, we take additional measures such as using McAfee Security and 2Checkout.

Regular Updates

We give all of our clients with 90 days worth of free updates for UiPath-RPAv1 Certification Exam Dumps, and we are constantly working on updated content in order to provide the finest and most up-to-date UiPath Exam questions possible.

Exam Information

UiPath RPA Associate v1.0 Exam (UiRPA)
$150 USD
60 Questions
90 Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

The UiRPA exam is easy if you have gained all the required concepts of the exam. You would be able to ace the exam if you got hands-on practical knowledge of the concepts. 

It would take 2-3 weeks to fully get the concepts of the UiRPA exam. If you do not have any previous experience, then it may take you longer than normal. 

The type of questions in the UiRPA exam are: 

  • Multiple Choice
  • Drag and Drop
  • Simulation-Based

No, there are no lab-based questions or project-based activities in the UiRPA exam.

The UiRPA exam does not expire. It means that you do not need to take the recertification exam or assessments. The credential that you acquire will always stay valid. 

The UiRPA exam can help you to obtain the desired job roles. The UiPath certifications are highly recognized so you can get an income boost. Moreover, you would get the most updated and verified skills to produce the required solutions. 


Trusted by many candidates out there, Edurely has the best dumps for the UiRPA exam. It contains the most authentic exam questions with appropriate answers which are useful for passing the exam successfully.

You are allowed to take multiple attempts to pass the UiRPA exam. After taking the first attempt, you would have to wait for 15 days. After the second and other subsequent attempts, you would have to wait for 30 days. 

Yes, you must pay the exam fee every time you take the exam. For the UiRPA exam, the fee is $150.

To get Edurely UiRPA dumps, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. In the ‘Exams’ section, click on ‘UiRPA’ dumps.
  3. Click on ‘Add to cart’
  4. Fill in the required information and proceed to Checkout

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